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General: there is a Vingan temple in Pavis, which bears a strong resemblance to this one

When the Lunars arrived, there was an exodus of the more openly anti-Lunar Vingans: they now seem to be based at the Yelorna temple in the Rubble. But, I said "openly" anti-Lunar: the ones still at the main temple are simply more tactful about it. Some apparently stay neutral, or accept the Lunar presence as a done deal and a source of income.

Known individual Vingans
Nayla, who is based at the Yelorna temple in the Rubble, and seems to have taken a liking to Karrath.
Spearwoman subcult (uses heal feat)
Rides a zebra
We suspect she's Sartarite, in the Rebellion. Possibly ex-Sambari. I have yet to decide which way she goes pro- or anti- Kallyr, but having her as part of Natalina's warband (on detached duty!) would make sense and explain a lot.

The group on the Cradle
"one of Garrath's thanes speaks up. She is a Vingan woman.." pleads against sacrificing the mercenaries. Name is Theri. There were some independent Vingans, too, and they supported Dori in an argument.

"The one with the nice legs"
Ailrene, Randella's sidekick. As observed by Irnar outside, and later inside, the Barrel o'Brew. Chatting to Lunar soldiers, playing a knife-throwing game (badly) involved in a bar brawl. Left the Vingan temple with Rana, hasn't been seen since until Egil caught her listening in to the final meeting at Gimpys. Has a common magic trick for listening at a distance.

Rana - part open to players, part secret
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