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"Well, as I have said, Vern is my name. I was born in Nochet and for a while I was a student at the great library there. But the dust on the shelves eventually gets into the joints of those who stay long, and as I wished to retain the free use of my limbs, I left. I'd spent so much time reading of far-off lands that actually seeing them came as something of a shock to me, and I have remained in a state of wonderment ever since. I've travelled from the Holy Country up to Saird, and now my feet are leading me the long way to Pavis, I think. I've heard that there are wonders there that must be seen, and perhaps a living for a story-teller and a man who knows this and that. I've been travelling with Efridel's caravan, yet I'm not suprised we have not met until now, for the caravan is large and you have your duties."

Other than his cloak, which though plain is apparently new, Vern's clothing is old and ragged, and he appears to have not much other than a sleeping bundle that he carries with him. He is middle-aged, and has a fine beard down to his waist, whilst his hair falls loose to his shoulders. He appears to be nothing other than what he claims to be - a wandering story-teller and lore-master.

Fynn asks what gods Vern follows, and he replies that he is a devotee of Lhankhor Mhy and Chernan the Seeker.

"Yes, Carmanian," says Vern. "Lhankhor Mhy is the God of Knowledge, and Chernan the Seeker is the aspect of Him that seeks knowledge and truth. So, you see, in this way I am able to retain my devotion to Lhankhor Mhy without growing old in a library, far from the sun's light. Chernan leads me here and there, to learn what can be learned, and find what can be found."

and we know he's been Illuminating people

Update on looks: Dori got his ragged old robes replaced, but has not got him to take any care of them.

Homeland: Esrolia (he says)
Occupation: sage, storyteller
Religious: devotee of Lhankor Mhy (Chernan)


Knowledge of:
star lore
Tarshite architecture
Esrolian architecture
Praxian architecture
Humakti Temple architecture enough to give +2
History of..... you guessed it
Can read Old Pavic

"Reprimand apprentice" at perhaps 2W or so.

Carries a sword - may know how to use it.

GM secret bits - no longer protected, as I think the players now know this lot!
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