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The Vampire

From Guy:

the vampire is the PCs nemesis, and has nothing to do with the rest of the legion. I'll have to send you the vampire's sheet as well, when I regain control of the files ;o(

In brief - the vampire is called Parus, an ancient carmanian vamp who was exiled by his master. Vowing revenge he has journeyed to prax in an attempt to recover long-lost cult artefacts (as described in shadows on the borderlands, etc). he was 'hitchhiking', if you like, by using caravans across the desert. He set out from swenstown in earth season, but his presence was discovered and he was forced to destroy the entire caravan. He staggered into tourney altar, weak from the loss of blood. The rest you know - he recovered his strength by feeding on the oasis people, defended himself against a HQ by the humakt temple, and then lit out with the first caravan heading east. He defended himself against discovery by taking along a couple of food humans, but got found out anyway. By the time he reached his next meal he was weakened again, hungry again, and very, very pissed off.

Having rebuilt his strength he deliberately targeted the pcs in a HQ that makes him immune (well, highly resistant, in game terms) to Humakti Death magic (hence stealing Hrolf's feat). So parus doesn't really have a link to the temple, and there's no particular reason why he'd encounter them on the heroplane when the humakti he plans to encounter are you lot, and things only got bad for thereafter. Don't forget - he did ambush the heroes, fairly successfully, so up until then things had been going his way - he may have had to 'lose' a station prior to that which made him look roughed up.

Parus. Human Vampire, 250 years old

Can I make his Carmanian background as part of Jamal's family? An ancestor?

"house al'Kathoum was one of the oldest and most feared in Worion. They could trace their line back to Cartavar the Conqueror the greatest of the Bull Shah's... had ruled from their citadel in the mountains of Worion.."

"I am Jamal son of Jamar son of Arziz of the house of al'Kathoum,.... "But you have the look, boy. Mazar, or his younger son - yessss... "

"long-lost cult artefacts" - one of which was a Mirror, now Shattered! He really, really, doesn't like the PCs.

Now on a quest to gain the Resist Death Chaos Feature.

Leap 1W2
Move Silently 11W
Run Fast 17W
Strong 17W
Hide in Cover 17W
Move Quietly 17W
Close Combat (Scimitar and Shield, Spear and Shield, Bite) 17W

Lie 5W2
Mythology of Vivamort 15W
Devotee of Vivamort 5W2
Read Grimoire 5W2
Read/Write Darktounge 5W2

Enthral Mortal 1W2
Drain Essence 2W2 special - Drain Feat
Immune to Mundane Damage 2W2
Resist Mind/Emotion Magic 2W2
See in Darkness 1W2
Become Mist 6W2

Chaos Features
Defile the Earth 18W
Fake Life 1W2
Faster than the Eye 6W2
Resist Death 1W - not yet, he's HQing to get that!

The Book of Vivamort 15W (Ecstatic Communion, Heal Servant, Hide from Magic, Pass Unseen, Repel Spirit, Resist Theist Magic)
The Book of Unlife 15W (Ceremonial: Bind Ghost, Create Ghost, Create Skeleton, Create Zombie, Raise Ghoul)
The Book of Foul Minions 15W (Call/Command Night Spirit, Command Ghost, Command Ghoul, Command Skeleton, Command Vampire, Command Zombie, Summon Rat Pack)

"Summon rat Pack" works on rubble runners - that's why they attacked Egil and Graylor!

And let's add "hates Seventh Cohort" at about 20.

Affinities stolen from Cavos: from a Vivamorti hero-cult, in fact.
withering light
reflect death magic
deception - not got it yet.
all at 5W2

Tactics according to Guy on the Hero Plane

Carryover from previous stages on the quest: 20 AP

First Attack – Will Leap (+4) on the strongest Humakti Faster Than the Eye can see (+5) and grasp him using CC(17W). Aims to Drain (2W2) his Fight Undead ability (needs a complete or major victory). This gives 6W2, with 66AP.

He will defend against Physical Attacks with his CC (17W) augmented by Strong (+4) and Faster than the Eye (+5) and Immune to Mundane Damage (2W2) – CC 10W2. If pressed he will use the feats Scimitar Help (+3), Shield of the Bull (+3), and 3 others at +3. This is only if attacked with magical, iron or silver weapons. He ignores mundane attacks.

If attacked with magic he will use Resist Theist Magic 15W, plus perhaps Resist Mind/Emotion Magic 2W2
To escape: 6W2 (BM) + 5 (Faster than the Eye) + support + 15 = 6W3
As Defence: Become Mist 6W2 + Resist Death (1W) +2 + support + 3 = 8W2

Well it did occur to me that being fatally bitten could leave your soul/essence/spirit draining away into the void, so you can either face annihilation or try to follow Vivamort's path to survival. I don't think just any old bite would do it, that would make Vampires even nastier than they need to be. I think you would need to be deliberately drained almost dry by the vampire who would then, of course, take time out to taunt you with the impossible choice you were faced with.

Ambushed them in the Rubble. Was he physically nearby? How did he know they were going HQing? (Leak from Garrath's men?) Can I ahve him in league (now) with any other of the Big Villains? Dori's dad, say? Oh yes, have him converted to a vampire's minion, that would just suit him!

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