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The Silver Shields

Described in MoLaD p18. This is a summary.

Medium infantry - spears, scimitars, javelins. (RQ has them as primarily javelin-trained)
Uniform: white tunics, brown trews, red cloaks, silver shields.
Mainly from Sylila. Magic is mainly Hwarin Dalthippa or Jajagappa Hunter. Use dogs for hunting and war.
Known as the "dog soldiers". Can take on Orlanthi warbands in the hills. Do not get involved with really nasty atrocities.

Squad = 7
2* squad = maniple (14), commanded by a sergeant
5* maniple (70) plus command group of 14 makes a company (85)
Ten regular companies, a command company, and a support company = regiment, led by tribune.
Total should be about 1000, but usually at least 20% down.
But, in Pavis, we're told they're divided into three "companies", not 12.

OK.... let's assume support and command stay put in Pavis, or get sent out in bits, not as a whole. Leaving 10. One is used for new recruits and training: also stays around here. Leaving 9 "real" ones. Three of those will be here at any one time. 85*3 = 255. But understrength - say 200. Command and Support stay in HQ, the three "real" ones stay in the barracks, as do the trainees.

Guardian/regimental standard
Ipharia's colours
Regimental deity Ipharia is on p76 of ILH2, "Under the Red Moon"
Comms: shields glitter when communicating
Awareness: sense presence of enemy
Blessing: Shining Shield
Defence: resist enemy magic.

Other feats include Wait Unseen, dodge-the-arrow, Gleaming Shield, Screaming Javelin, so rate them as the "Quick and Nimble" below.
Formulary (Far javelin throw, hear commands, sharpen spear, strengthen shield)

Stats from conversion PDF:

Silver Shield Peltasts (Page 141)
General: Dodge 17, Run 18.
Feat: Quick and Nimble 16.
Combat: Close Combat 6w^3 (Scimitar & Shield, Spear & Shield), Javelin 5w^3.
Armor: Light Armor with Shield ^3.

Superior Silver Shield Peltast (or Junior Officer)
General: Command Unit 1w, Dodge 19.
Feat: Quick and Nimble 4w.
Combat: Close Combat 12w^3 (Scimitar & Shield, Spear & Shield), Javelin^3 10w.
Armor: Light Armor with Shield ^4.

Numbers for a javelin ambush:
Leader javelin
Javelin^3 10w
Screaming Javelin feat 5W +3
Far javelin throw 4W +2
equip +3
Competitve with Marbles +2
Fear Legion +1

Plebs * 4
Javelin^3 5w
Screaming Javelin feat 16
Far javelin throw 16
equip +3
Competitve with Marbles +1
Fear Legion +2

Guard dog:
Anaxials p43
Rowgan, Typical Guard Dog
Weapons and Armor: Bite 18^1.
Significant Abilities: Bark at Stranger 18, Loyal 12, Run Fast 15, Track by Scent 2w.

Tribune Barnaryos: private residence in Oldtown (O-1)
First Centurion Gwindae Arandas, the "Bitch of Bostok" (whatever that means)
Centurion Etheliun, 3-time champion of the Ganbarri Wrestling Ring
"Optio" (2IC of a century) Lacellus, described by Fazzur as "the best scout and worst rogue in Dragon Pass"
Herulfius - he can be a bit of a pain, and is a stickler for precision, so the watches will be sharpest just before he gets there. Fortunately, he checks his stations by the book, so he's predictable.
Bendrik - on guard at HQ one fateful night, with his dog Throat-ripper.
Oreros - on duty at River Gate when Rana and the gang get back. Her lover, it looks like.
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