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Seledd Brightspear

100-thane, 2nd Cohort
"Wolf" ie. senior 100-thane, commands the Vanguard, responsible for discipline

Perfectionist. Respects sages, though not literate herself, and in fact anyone who takes one job and does it to the utmost of their ability. "Do it properly or dont' do it at all" attitude.

Far Point female 17
Yelmalian soldier (Templar?) 10W, Legionary 10W, Officer 10W2 (combining Yelmalian, 10-thane and 100-thane experience here)
Devotee of Humakt/Rigsdal 18W (Soul Sight +5, affinities Death, Truth, Vigilance)
Initiate of Hereward and probably Efrodar, so Truewind affinity - had it for 10 years, so probably fairly good at it but not up to Devotee standards.
Borrowing feat lists from Kallyr's stats, since I have them to hand (she'd love that!)
Vigilance (Hear any sound, ignore distraction, night vision, see far, sleep with one eye open) Storm tribe p230
Honour extras (Identify traitor, see past illusion)
And since she started as Yelmalio/Elmal, let's consider giving her the Elmal subcult feats?
Light (Clear clouds, look into brightness)

Misc abilities
Spear & shield combat 10W2, Strategy 1W3, military history 5W2, play strategic games 10W, tolerate insubordination 6, remember subordinates names 17, puritanical morality 15W, arrogant 10W, authoritarian 2W, inflexibile 5W, self-control 5W2, loyal to Legion 10W2, hate Harvar Ironfist 10W, hate Kallyr 15W, hate trolls 10W, perfectionist 5W.
Missile - javelin, or archery?

Brightspear - golden, glowing spear blessed by Yelmalio which for some reason still works for her.
Shield - basic would be +1, this will be a +2 (well made, or something)
Sword (type unknown)

Gifts & geases
A geas from Yelmalio (matchs spear mastery gift/fancy spear)
At least three sets from Humakt

Or if not using AP: +5 to self-confidence Never refuse a challenge to one-on-one combat, even from non-Humakti.
Better than the one that leaves her silent one day a week....

Cohort wyter blessing, "Assault Shield Wall"
Legion blessings from the Sword: unbreakable weapon, etc.


She started Yelmalian, in the Far Place - possibly Aldachur. Yes, female Yelmalian - not an easy option. "Brightspear" - she had spear mastery as a Gift, and probably a magical weapon to go with it.

What I know for certain is that by 1611 she was in command of the bodyguard of the new Prince of the Far Place, a Vantaros warrior, Harnos Hadrosson, called the Pure. This is Harvar's big brother, and quite a nice guy.

Then the Righteous Wind Rebellion started up. "Prince Harnos is killed in an ambush on the road to Alone". Oops. There goes her reputation, and most of her troops.

Harnos is replaced by his little brother, who is not a nice man. On the whole, killing Harnos was a mistake for the RW. As the perpetrator realised some time later. Spectacular, yes, a good way of getting lots of loot and a reputation, yes, but in terms of strategy - no.

Harvar and his idea of Yelmalio turned out to be so unpleasant that Seledd changed cults and changed sides - just too late to be of any use, but such is life. She was to some extent inspired by seeing what the Legion got up to in the final "battle" (read "slaughter") of the war. We got hired in a vain attempt to hold things together, being paid with some of the loot from Harnos, and ended up more or less covering the retreat for the rest of them. (To give you some perspective, Dori was there, about 19, and a member of the Legion, but would probably have been listed as "follower, warrior 17").

Seledd swapped to Humakt, joined Hereward, and came straight in as a ten-thane, bringing troops with her. She kept her Spear Mastery gift, and her magical spear, and still prefers spear to sword. She's an excellent tactician and strategist when it comes to formal warfare and large-scale battles (possibly even better than Illig), but does prefer the formal serried-ranks approach. Individuality is not encouraged - you notice we don't know the names of any of her troops? Rumour has it that nor does she :) She plays chess, too (insert name of similar game here if you don't believe Glorantha has chess).

Oh, and one more point about that ambush that's about to be important. Seledd, quite naturally, harboured a certain resentment against the person who'd ambushed her and wiped out her career. It was in fact led by a little hero-band from Sartar, called the Four Star Battle Band. Good at flamboyant names, anyway. All Rigsdali of various types, all flyers. And one of them - not the nominal leader - starting to be very good at persuading people to follow her into completely silly fights - and then winning. Sometimes. This was one of those times, and this is how Kallyr got her reputation. And she was the one who hired the Legion for that last fight, since by then even she could recognise a hopeless situation. She survived that last battle - just. The rest of the 4-Star didn't.

(The above is in consultation with John Hughes and Dave Dunham, BTW).

I don't know what happened in the intervening years, other than Seledd rapidly being promoted to 100-thane.

Whitewall - and we've discussed much of this in the WW list. One of the first attacks was about 200 Shargashi opening up a route through Hell and arriving in the basement. Where they met the Legion. We held them off, and drove them back, and then some local Helamakt magic caused the sea to rise down there, flooding things. Illig did something magical and heroic that caused the Hellgate to close again, and the remaining Shargashi got washed down the plughole.

But, while all that was going on, one of the other 100-thanes, complete with standard, got cut off. Seledd could have sent some troops to rescue him, but would have risked weakening the line so much that it would have broken. She left him to it, and the Legion lost one of its greatest treasures. Tactically, this was the right decision. Everyone admits it. But it left her very, very, unpopular.

The Legion took very heavy casualities in that fight. We're not quite sure how many, but at least 50%.
and for the fiction version

Later we were around when the Bat was defeated (more casualties), and seem to have left Whitewall in 1620 - why is another story and topic for discussion, but it links in with Illig's special powers and possibly history (and we get to take more casualties).

One thing I've only just started to consider is what sub-cult of Yelmalio Seledd had been in, and what sub-cult of Humakt she joined - straight Hereward, or what? I was after a joint sub-cult, if possible, to make the swap easier for her. Looking through Elmal as well as Yelmalio (since FP Yelmalio is weird), I found Rigsdal.

IF Seledd is Rigsdali (and this only occured to me in the last 24 hours), then I think she has pretty strait-laced ideas about morality and so on - Dori's quite relaxed by Yelmalian standards, really. Have a quick think about how she would feel about someone who not only claims to have met Rigsdal, personally, but to have then found that he's good in bed.

Seledd has several excellent reasons to want Kallyr dead, and she's perfectly capable of arranging it. All that's stopping her is Illig's orders on the subject.

And this was a senior 100-thane when the Legion went to Whitewall...

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