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His is tall and well build, still obviously carrying the gate of a military man. His hair is dark, yet flecked with grey, and he is dressed in a simple Carmanian tunic, rather than the foppish Darra Happan affectations that had become fashionable in Jamal's homeland.
Raus is still a handsome man, supporting a neatly trimmed goatee beard, again flecked with grey, pale grey-green eyes, and a prominent scar on his right cheek.
Has a flunky called JayReet
Has a small chapel consecrated here, along with a small knot of clergy

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From Chronicle:
However, Ulf, a Cradle Rider from Pavis, says he saw Abul being escorted back into the city in the entourage of Duke Raus of Rone. Jamal has heard of Duke Raus, of course, exiled from his ancestral lands in Carmania six or seven years ago after some sort of political scandal. He is surprised to find that the Duke not only holds large landholdings along the southern banks of the Zola Fel, but also maintains a large house in Pavis. Jamal appear somewhat mollified by the fact the Abul has not fallen into the clutches of the accursed Anthippus, but seems concerned that he didn't know that such an important countryman is so far from home. Jamal is a little hazy on the details - its been a long time, after all - and he was serving away in Tarsh at the time it happened, but Duke Raus of Rone was banished by the emperor from his holdings in Worion (not to be confused with the Rone in Kostaddi) as a result of a political intrigue. Jamal knows the House of Rone was obedient to the Empire, but infused with a righteous morality and great sense of tradition.

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I'll hack a quick description when I've finished the scene <tb/>

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