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The Rat

"An independent master thief, known as the 'Rat', was once a member of the Hole Lords. He still retains much influence in the gang but is also a friend of the Lunars. The Rat (alias Frekor Firmfarer) has traveled extensively, and is a real survivor. He joined the Cult of Orlanth Adventurous when he was a mercenary in Sartar, but just as quickly embraced the Lunar Way when he was captured by agents of the Empire. Now he reports directly to the Lunar puppet Orlanth priest, Faltikus the Good, and 'donates' half of his spoils directly to him. It is rumored that both of these men are Agents of Chaos. Despite this, most thieves perceive the 'Rat' as a true independent, who is successfully working both sides."

In my interpretation, he's a Devotee, possibly even Disciple, of Desemborth. Yes, he has the Secret.

For the purposes of our plot, he's working with Krogar as Desemborth/Eurmal to Krogar's Orlanth. He's meant to steal a sword. He decides to go totally OTT and steal Egil's highly magical sword from the depths of a secret underground Humakti temple. He then makes/acquires multiple copies of it, and sells them to as many other customers as he can get his hands on: some Lunars and the Krasht cult are definites.

My version of his Lair is taken from Penny Love's novels, though she never gave details of the inner sanctum. He is known to be guarded by Black Fang assassins. The extent to whcih BF and Lanbril work together is vague, and slightly uneasy: in this case, it became biased by the Krasht cult discovered that the Rat had been trying to sell them a fake magical sword. They sent krastkids after him (from which the party rescued him), and then persuaded their BF allies to change sides. When the Rat led the party back to his lair, he found his own guards set to kill him. He survived - just - due to having the party with him (and in particular to Randella out-back-stabbing the back-stabbers). He is now in the CA temple, hoping to recover from partial garotting and a nasty stabbing with a poisoned dagger.
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