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Which, as we now know, is not her name.

Randella Offirsdottir, daughter of Offir Swiftsword, Kallyr's Sword. Blackrock clan (the clan mark on her cheek is a black triangle), Kheldon tribe. According to Dori, one of Kallyr's more competent spies. She's known Kallyr since she was about 10 (she's now 21), and "loyal to Kallyr" is one of her highest abilities at about 10W2.

She follows Vinga Desemborth, and is known in Whitewall for being the best infiltrator of the Lunar camp they've got, and also the best at morale-boosting pranks. Earlier in her career she spent some time in Pavis, where she met the Rat. He introduced her to Lanbril and acted as her mentor, giving her a little vial that held the (sorcerous) ability to "pass unseen" - this has been very useful indeed at Whitewall! What she didn't know was that it was stolen from a vampire and the magic involved was chaotic. Once Graylor pointed this out, she stopped using it, and has now had it destroyed.

While at Whitewall, she was taught to throw a knife by a Legion member (now deceased), and at some point in her past (as yet unspecified but probably Whitewall) had training from Dori in avoiding interrogation among other things.

She came to Pavis to spy on the Legion: she says her objective was to find out their numbers, status, and location, with a view to making them allies.

First seen (but barely noticed) outside the Barrel o' Brew by Irnar, where she met the Rat leaving the Lunar barracks, and they strolled away together arm in arm, covered by her Magic Gadget. She took him outside the city and left him there before returning to the Vingan temple. As she and Ailrene (who unknown to the Rat had been shadowing her as backup for most of the previous trip) left the Vingan temple Graylor and group finally spotted her and gave chase, under the impression that she had beeen the primary thief. Eventually Irnar caught up with her in Loud Lilina's and persuaded her to ally with them against the Rat. She stayed with the group all through the tunnel chase and the visit to the Rat's lair, as a helpful and reliable partner (though Egil never trusted her). If Egil had been noticing what was going on, he might have realised that she's an effective assassin: one of the ones he "killed" was already dead at the time his sword struck home.

Dori recognised her from the description given by Yenda and confronted her in Krogar's room in Gimpys. Randella admitted to most of what she'd been doing, and has been told by Dori to deliver a message to her father. She is currently supposed to be collecting her belongings and leaving Pavis within the hour. What she and Ailrene have actually done is to drop Irnar, who was trying to tail them back to their lodgings.

Getting back into city: she has a Lunar boyfriend in the Silver shields, Oreros, who is on gate duty. She arranges to meet him in the bar, and afterwards, tonight. (I think he's going to be disappointed.)

She no longer has the Black Fang daggers she looted, but did retain the ItemIronGarotte
Secrets (what's left)
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