The Orlanthi rebels

There are rather a lot of factions and secret groups here, and they're upholding the Orlanthi tradition of working together in harmony and cooperation.

Yeah. Right.

Before the Cradle, Garrath Sharpsword was an undoubted leader. But his departure and that of his group have left a power vacuum.

The events of "Strangers in Prax" and "One High Priest too many" have left another hole. That IIRC left one Grey Sage who's also a Wind Lord, and he's in the salt mines.

Krogar Wolfhelm is still here, description as in SiP. I have my own ideas on where he's from and who he's currently allies with.

The Vingans, both in the city temple and in the Rubble, are still here. I have an idea there's also a hero-band led by a Pavis native that's been away for a long time and is visiting again (yes, me, cryptic).

The Pairing Stones are still very much an Orlanthi magical centre (and the Lunars are ignoring them - not in the city, irrelevant!)

The Rat is..... well, he's Orlanthi. No-one seems too sure who or what he's loyal to.

Griselda's group were barely Orlanthi, but they too are gone with the Cradle. Olaf is still around, as is Lucilla (I wonder whch lot of Vingans she's with?)

There are agents from the Sartarite part of the Rebellion here, too. Possibly two lots of them, and not working together.

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