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Silly addition: if she ever gets a chaos feature (very minor), she has six fingers. Just so that Kallyr can say "you killed my father, prepare to die".

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OiD p 30:
Kallyr Starbrow has a similar personal foe named Harthdaran Thunderhunter, who leads a band called the Silver Spears. “Those damned Silver Spears,” she calls them. “Someone’s got to put out their light.” She has never done it, however, and they challenge her again and again. Harthdaran is, in fact, Kallyr’s principal heroquesting enemy. Both suspect it, but at this stage neither is certain.
Mentioned in the Sky Ship as "Hathdaran", where Kallyr gets distracted from the plot to go and fight her (and lose).
I have no stats for her, but she was leading the Silver Spears (or some other group) right back in 1602, and can still beat Kallyr reasonably easily in 1:1.

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so here's the "bit more"
"Kallyr, we're trying to identify a Lunar sorceress. We met her once at Tourney Altar, and then later further north when she was commanding and supporting an ambush on us, associated with a man called Anthippus. Bald, red robes, interesting decorations on them." She goes on to give a fairly detailed description of the sorceress and her troops, adding: "and on the second meeting, she had some very nasty scars on her face. Any idea who she is?"
Kallyr has listened intently, apparently determined to prove her usefulness if it keeps her alive a little longer. "Those scars - diagonal, right eye and cheek?"
"Yes. You know her?"
"I gave her the scars. Her name is Harthdaran Thunderhunter, she's a specialist hunter-killer, and if she's targetting the Legion, then quite apart from her being a dangerous enemy, it seems likely that you've got a very serious intelligence leak that you'll want to discuss somewhere a lot more private than this."
"If it wasn't impossible, I'd say Harthdaran was using her usual magic, but in this case, it can't be done. When I say she's a specialist hunter-killer, what she does is find people the Lunars are interested in by bloodline. In particular, she was the one who tracked down and killed every member of the House of Sartar she could find. We'd assumed Humakti would be immune, since you sever from your bloodline, but possibly not - and if not, there's one very obvious target for her. I'd have thought she'd have spotted him long ago, though, if she could."
"Oh, no," Dori says softly. "As if we weren't unpopular enough with the Lunars already. I think I may have an idea how her magic's working, though - quite recently, we met a vampire who was absolutely sure that being Humakti didn't affect a magical requirement to be of the same bloodline. He never got to test the theory, but if he was right, and if she's somehow got hold of vampiric magic.... well, that second ambush was definitely targetting Illig. She's found out about his father."

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Guy apparently had her in mind to be the Recurring Villain behind Anthippus. I have other ideas... well, that one plus a bit more.

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If she's the same one, she's gone from "beautiful" to "ruined face".

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