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The Marble Phalanx


"Pavis" under "employment" says:
"Heavy infantry. Lunar army standing regiment. Terms of 25 years only"

and under "Notable's Homes:
"Hucipites" (S-76) - Commander of the Marble Phalanx. Who is now dead - see below.
p68, under "the Lunar Army"
Iron Lord of Yanafal Tarnils and an associate priest. Withiin his personal retinue is another full priest of the cult for the regiment.
Interesting history in old Digest post here

ILH1: "the Naverian city of Mesavos is proud to be home of the fabled Marble Phalanx."

Uniform due to Rory and Jane liking Patience:
So I assume the Marbleheads wear red and yellow ("Elemental Colors") - Yellow as a solar unit, Red for the moon...
They do now! And gold lace.

We met them when we were defeated on the Cradle, and they probably wish we hadn't.

They are forced to fall back before the hoplites of the Marble Phalanx that storm towards them. As they advance, every hoplite's spear simultaneously bursts into flame.

At the top of the ladder one of the two front rankers fights with a flaming sword, champion of the Marble Phalanx. He is supported by the other front ranker and the second rankers behind him, who use long spears to harry defenders. Aelfwyrd leaps forward to drive off this champion, but the spearmen prevent others from coming to his aid. After a short, intense fight the Kargan warrior is driven back. The Lunar champion is a mighty warrior, and also has the advantage of height. Having created space on the decks the Lunar soldiers board in earnest, and the battle proper begins.

The soldiers of the phalanx are brave, skilled and disciplined. They fight well and are long in their dying. Dorinda arrays her warriors well inside the warding, and takes advantage of the hoplites inability to form a good shield wall. This slight edge serves the Herewardi well, and in the initial frenzy of the battle they are able to hold their position. Hoplites begin to fall before their swords like barley. Their champion grinds away at the Herewardi shields, the enlo flee in terror before the fire of his sword and Maniskus falls to it. Again Aelfwyrd tries to drive off the Marble Warrior but is repelled, and it is Dorinda who challenges him to the Heroes Battle and takes his head. Yet even when this defeat is coupled with Malan killing their officer, the hoplites do not falter but press on.

They have now met Graylor and Egil in the Rubble.
Newly promoted captain, Sunny Helmaster, with three sevens under his command. Driven off by zebra riders.

Stats from conversion PDF:

Marble Phalanx Hoplites (Page 141)

General: Hold the Line 2w, Solid Veteran 19.
Feat: Not Be Budged 20.
Combat: Close Combat 8w (Hoplite Fighting, Kopis ^3, Long Spear ^4).
Armor: Heavy Armor with Large Shield ^7.

Superior Hoplite (or Junior Officer)
General: Command Unit 1w, Hold the Line 10w, Hoplite
Tactics 1w, Solid Veteran 8w.
Feat: Not Be Budged 10w.
Combat: Close Combat 16w (Hoplite Fighting, Kopis ^3, Long Spear^5).
Armor: Heavy Armor with Large Shield ^7.

Commander’s Guards (Page 141)
General: Command 3w, Obedient 8w, Tough 2w.
Feats: Destroy Enemy Morale 18, Raise Courage 18, Stand Against Many 20.
Combat: Close Combat 19w^4 (Scimitar & Shield).
Armor: Mail with Shield ^6.

Lunar Champion
General: Jump 16w, Listen 8w, Scan Terrain 10w, Run in Armor 4w, Yanafal Tarnils Devotee 10w.
Feats: Charge of the Ram 12w, Destroy Enemy Morale 8w, Perceive Enemy Weakness 9w, Raise Courage 8w, Stand Against Many 12w.
Combat: Scimitar and Shield Fighting 10w2^7.
Armor: Chain Armor with Shield ^8.

Looks like Guy gave them an extra feat, for those flames?

There are three companies based in Pavis; normally only one of them will be here at any one time.

Let us assume it was the First company that was on the Cradle: that's why Hucipites was with them, and died.
Pre-Pavis, there were about 750 men in total, 250 per company.
The First is now down to 100
The Second has been recalled; the Third is still out protecting the Pavis Road.

I expect the regiment as a whole has a wyter, that gives some extra feats. The First Company wyter, I think, gives just one: Flaming Blade, as demoed on the Cradle.
It now also gives "Fear Humakti" at 13.

A new Champion of the First will have been chosen by now: take his stats as being like those above, but reduced a bit (say drop 2 on everything)

There was a YT priest with the regiment, and presumably still is. And he'll be in charge of this current ritual/HQ. Random name generator.... Idoreus. Who is Illuminated (thank you, Gavain), and, after that failed HQ, Occluded. "Fear Death" at 12W or so. That includes Death cultists, Death runes, crosses, cross-roads....

The new leader? Will be politically appointed: but in the meantime a senior YT devotee (Pyestes) has a lot of respect from the others and is effectively running the First Company.
"He's good, but he's slow to recover from his thrust, and he drops his shield just slightly. Also, he's got an old wound that makes it hard to reach over the shield to the left."
Let's make him good, but not as good as the champion
Scimitar and Shield Fighting 15W - in fact he's using a straight sword, so -3
Equipment: armour & shield +8 (snap) sword +3
Devotee 10W
He's got the Secret at 13 - self-ressurection. I'm not sure which abilities he had at high levels to get that.
Loyal to regiment +3
Fireblade +2
Honourable 5W - not relevant, but demonstrated.
And, now, dead :(

The 32-odd members of the First Company who supported the HQ to gain anti-Huamkti powers all have "fear Humakti" at 15.

Two guards, sent to retrieve a Humakti Duck from the prison for ritual/sacrifice purposes, based on "general" above.
Oedimachus also has:
experienced 1W
respect boss (Pyestes) 5W
dislike Anerash 13
Dislike barbarians 17
Stubborn 17
This gives him about 12W in resisting bribery attempts from smelly barbarians

Ocolus has:
emulate Oedimachus 5W
obedient 1W
stoopid 1W
intimidate barbarian 1W
"nulla spes sit in resistendo" 17
He'd probably be good at throwing people out of airlocks.

Khorkanus: junior guard at the entrance to the barracks, young, pimply, and indecisive
Phinditus his boss, went to sort out the fight in the Barrel. Likes to take charge of things.

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