Krogar Wolfhelm

Original text: the situation pre-Cradle
This distinctive figure is usually found either at Gimpy's, where he maintains a room, or at the Humakt temple where he teaches all forms of sword-play. He is, in fact, a Wind Lord and priest of Orlanth Adventurous, for which he makes no apology. He has even taken over for Faltikus at ceremomnies (some say over Faltikus' objection), particularly on the Orlanthi High Holy Day (Storm/Movement/Windsday)

Krogar Wolfhelm always wears the distinctive headgear which gave him his name and generally wears a light hauberk of chain as well. As if the right of any weaponmaster, he at all times wears at least one of the weapons he teaches.

Krogar is known to disappear into the Rubble at odd times, vanishing for a few weeks, then returning as if nothing had happened. If approached by a friendly cultist, he will be reserved and often helpful. He is polite towards Lunars and trolls, but he is also brief with them. He is tall, broad-shouldered, swart, and pale-eyed. He is said to come from any number of nations, including Sartar, the Holy Country, legendary Ralios, or even the Empire itself. He does not speak of his origins.

He takes a lead role in Strangers in Prax, too.

Use in this campaign
He didn't go with the Cradle, so yes, he's still around.
He still uses the city Humakt temple as an area to teach in, and those of the Legion who visit that temple will have seen him there and know him by sight. General opinion is that he's a good fighter.
That "distinctive headgear which gave him his name" is an actual wolf's skull and partial hide, not a metal replica.

Devotee of Destor, I think. I don't know if he's got all the feats, but let's list them anyway (and do all the mods in the errata, and the spell-checking)
Combat (Aid Throw With Wind, Armour of Woad, Enchant Silver ritual, Flickering Blade, Leaping Shield, Overbear Foe, [Weapon] Help)
Movement (Burst of Speed, Leap Over Obstacle, Run On Mud, Run up Cliffs, Sunset Leap, Find a Way, Lift Object With Winds)
Wind (Call Clouds, Call Wind, Drive Away Clouds, Hear Words on the Wind, Command "Umbroli")
The cults of his four Storms:
Sword: ? Typical is Finovan or Humakt. Let's say this is a Humakti, since he teaches at the Humakt temple. Possible Wolf links there, though I'm not sure what.
Shield: Helamakt or Elmal. Baranthos Black-Brow.
Spear: Ohorlanth, master of "Umbroli" (stupid deliberately confusing name for sylphs) (even if the cult write-up doesn't give him anything beyond the norm in the way of controlling them). Call him Harev.
Backboy: Enferalda or Heler, either way is supposed to supply healing. The Heler subcult would have to be the Golden Ram, but really - a rain worshipper, in Prax? Let's make him/her Water tribe, but from the Riverfolk. Zola Fel.

He's got to know a Mastakos devotee pretty well, since he gets that bit of Truestone with a Guided Teleport in it.
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