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Kell Fellblade and Sarostal Beartooth

"The other two visitors, who give their names as Kell Fellblade and Sarostal Beartooth, are initially disinterested, but as Malan continues to harangue the temple, shrug and agree to support the Champion. Later Hrolf asks about these two men, but learnt little. Kell is a tall, lean man who spoke little, whilst Sarostal smiles and talks a great deal without saying anything at all. Both are mercenaries who work together, but no-one knows what it is that they do.

"...Sarostal and Kell, who are obviously capable and appear to know Prax well. However, when told what the wages are likely to be they look disinterested. "No offence," says Sarostal, "but we aren't cheap."

Flynn asks politely, "do you only work for money, or does anything else motivate you? I ask because, several times you have made an effort to avoid the Lunar visitors eyes and I wondered if you had had dealings with them before. Anyway, If you don't come with us you may have to sit it out here in the Oasis with nothing to entertain you, or serve with the Goddesses traders, or Morocanth, or god knows what else. At least with us you know you won't just be abandoned if things get complicated." Flynn tries to make service with the Legion seem an opportunity to be snapped up.

Sarostal loses his bantering smile at Flynn's words. "As you can see we are planning on leaving now," he says, gesturing to the gear that he and Kell have been packing. "And whether we have business with Lunars or even Morocanth is no business of yours. I suggest that you keep such questions and speculations to yourself, Flynn - they could get a man in trouble. Do you follow?" With that he shoulders his pack, and walks towards the stables. Kell, who has been silent throughout this exchange, follows him without a backward glance. Their attitude only confirms the suspicions Flynn has had since he saw them hiding their faces and their lack of interest in helping against the Yanafeli. "They are not the sort of people we could rely on, no man who wishes to hide his actions from others can be a trustworthy companion," he thinks.
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