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Karrath Sing-and-die

"Well fought, sword brothers, that was well done. By the gods, honour has been earned on your swords this day. I am Karrath Sing-and-Die, and I was of the Blue Owl clan of the Locaem tribe before I died." The man that speaks is a Humakti from the gang that stood to the legion's right side. Despite their drinking beforehand they fought well, but suffered several injuries.

Karrath believes in drinking mead before fighting (he's geased to do so), and sex as often as possible.
He despises Yelmalians.

In return he talks freely of the Pavis Temple, of which he is a member. "It's solid enough, though not large. Not all are Heortlings, either, for three seasons ago Lunar worshippers arrived also." He spits with derision. "I didn't know the God permitted such to light his bale-fires, but they were sworn servants and who am I to gainsay Humakt's desires? They've made little enough trouble yet, but the Temple is no longer a place to speak freely, that's for sure."

Karrath yawns, "But I for one am hoping the God does not take me until the Cradle has passed Pavis and entered Sun County. I love fighting Yelmalians - stuck-up prissy kill-joys. Don't know how to drink, don't know how to wench, and wouldn't know a warrior's honour if it kicked them between the legs. Talking of which, it's going to be a long day - won't you join me for a drink? Maybe we can go somewhere more private and comfortable, get out of our armor" he says, waving vaguely in the direction of the below hatches.


BUt he isn't an idiot.
Only Karrath Sing-and-Die is willing to look Hrolf in the eye. He says, quietly, "Let it go Hrolf. This battle is lost, the storm clouds roll on elsewhere. Many brave men are dead, Garrath amongst them, and there is none left the survivors might follow. Let the Lunars hoard their Giant-trinkets, whilst we husband our strength for a wiser fight."

Elendala was one of his group, and Helgan has Hu's blessing and resultant geas, and as a result had his sword-arm (and life) saved by Dori's skill at surgery, after the Cradle.

Acquired a Vingan admirer in the Rubble

has the Efrodar feat Voice of Command
can cast a warding that does scorpionmen no good at all.

entrance requirements for Efrodar include command experience: 2 Battles as ten-thane
OK, so we make him a Locaem (resheathed) Humakti, fought in 1613, got his experience then. Pissed off with his tribe when they went Lunar, devoted to Efrodar and reversed most tribal standards on the way.
Locaem = spear tribe. Now outwardly pro-Lunar with king worshipping Dobduran.


Sword and Shield
Endure Pain 10W2
Chase Anything Fmale
Swear Like a Trooper
Drink Heavily

Hates - Yelmalians, Lunars
Respects Competency

Devotee Humakt (Efrodar) - [Death, Honour, Battle Command]
Disciplined - when needed
Gift: Survive Battle - Geas: never leave it until it is over.
Geas: Drink mead before any battle - Gift: "Endure Pain" ability (see above) He believes the amount drunk affects the level of the "endure pain".
Geas: never use any spear - Gift: +5 sword&shield fighting (inlcuded in above)
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