Kallyr Starbrow

Leader (probably) of the Sartarite resistance, Queen of the Kheldon tribe (in exile), descendant of King Sartar and hence able to use Sartarite magic and make the Flame flicker.
Vingan, also Rigsdali - that "Starbrow" was a little present she got from visiting Rigsdal personally.
Near the top of the Lunar "most wanted" list.
Led the rebellion in Sartar in 1613.
Now based in Whitewall, serving King Broyan - except that she seems to have been kicked out, for some unknown reason.

Comments on how she doesn't in fact differ from canon over here: CanonChanges

Known interaction with the Legion

1611: Seledd, before joining the Legion, was in command of the bodyguard of the new Prince of the Far Place, a Vantaros warrior, Harnos Hadrosson, called the Pure. "Prince Harnos is killed in an ambush on the road to Alone" say the sources. Kallyr did the ambush, took all the loot that you might expect a newly-installed Lunar client-king to be carrying, and made her reputation from it.
Later in 1611, when the whole Righteous Wind rebellion was being wiped out by Harvar (Harnos' little brother), the Legion were hired to cover the retreat of the final battle in the hope that at least some of the Orlanthi might get out of it alive. Kallyr hired us, using part of the loot from Harnos to pay. She just barely survived the battle - the rest of her group didn't.
Still later in 1611, she met up with us to pay the balance of the hire fee, having made herself Queen of the Kheldon in the interim. A few minor hires for small groups followed, mainly harrassing Lunars and guarding caravans.
1613: she hired us again for the Rebellion, right at the start. For some reason the rate of pay Illig asked for was almost nominal.
1619: Broyan asked the Legion to come to Whitewall, on Kallyr's recommendation.
1620: Kallyr betrayed the Legion, using us in a way that forced breaking of no-ambush geases. Details here
1621: news came via the Jalmari that she had been kicked out of WW, and was under suspicious of using Chaos, working with Lunars, and who knows what else. One of her better spies was found to be spying on us, with a view to regaining us as allies - she was told to stay well away or be killed.
1621, Founders Day - Kallyr spotted in Pavis, in disguise. A few days later, her Trickster is active in the Rubble.
1621, Fire Season, Movement week, Waterday - Legion members returning from the New City get attacked by a Lunar ambush apparently acting on information from Rana. Dori and Seledd arrange for a troll attack on the Yelorna temple that night, designed to see if Kallyr's there. She is.
1621, Fire Season, Movement week, Fireday - messengers sent to ask for a meeting with Illig, to take place two days later, on Godsday.
1621, Fire Season, Movement week, Godsday - meeting, forgiven, various agreements to work together in the future
1621, Fire Season, Illusion week, Freezeday - setting up camp defences
That evening - WTF is going on between her and Landros, you may ask? You know up there I said "She just barely survived the battle - the rest of her group didn't"? That included one chap who was, probably by pure coincidence, the spitting image of Landros, and again, Rigsdali. They were very good friends. So every time she looks at Landros, she's seeing a former battle partner and not-quite-lover, who she still grieves for.

Stats and so on

Published HQ stats (plus my comments) can found here: - well, some of them. Orlanth is Dead p39, and it's very pictorial - I don't think I transcribed all of it.

Those published stats tell us all about what she's like in a fight, what her magic's like, and her major relationships.
They do not tell us about some of her highest (and most relevant to normal encounters) abilities. Does, she, do you think, have a "leadership" skill? Maybe quite a high one? The earliest descriptions of her describe her as "proud", but no such ability. How about "courage"? "Stubbon/determined"?

"Inspires fanatical loyalty" is there in her description, but doesn't get a rating. We don't get numbers for her relationships with those Storms, either. OK, if the loyalty of her "normal" followers to her is described as "fanatical", but hers to them is not, it must be noticably higher than the mere 15W2 she feels for them (her loyalty to the Kingdom of Sartar is only 10W2, but to the Iron Ring is 17W2 - people come before the cause!). So it looks as if the "normal" Vingan folowers have "loyal to Kallyr" at 3 masteries or so, and her Storms are presumably more so. 5-10W3, say. That means they get a +7 on anything they do for her.

As a guess, I think 15W2 Leadership is probably about right (it wasn't that good back in 1613). Depending on circumstances, she may be able to boost that with her Lead Tribe affinity for a +3, and/or "Brilliant Inspiration" 1W3 for a +6.

One thing I can't blame them for not including, because they can't have known about it - I didn't write the story till several years later :) She has an "Attract enemy attention" feat she won in a HQ challenge. I'm not convinced she has it under conscious control, it seems to keep popping up whenever it would make the plot more interesting :) Since what she gambled against it (and won) was her Vigilance affinity (as it was in 1611), with help from some "loyal to family, loyal to tribe" abilities, I'm going to rate it as 5W2 (+5).

"Stern" as an ability makes no sense for her, but I'm going to translate it as "self-control" in terms of being able to hide her emotions, including from herself. 15W.

Yet more being added as I need them...
Proud 5W2 (+6)
Courage 15W2
Resilient 10W2 (maybe more?)
Loyal to Storms 5W3 (+7)
Indefinable (publically) rel to Illig 5W2
(currently) fear of LBQ 10W3 (or possibly LBQ's "scary" rating?)
Vinga initiate includes the standard Vingan "protect children" and her own "protect healers" both at 15W
her "loyal to family/clan" has just become relevant, and I expect to be extremely high. 10W3?
Still grieves for Four Star Battle Band (esp. Drenyan) about 10W?

Endurance and so on - this is heavily dependent on Ernaldesta. Physical endurance is off her Warrior keyword (only 7W), she relies on personality augments.
After the first part of setting up camp defences (summon and bind four light daemons) she was exhausted and trying not to show it - around a mastery and a half of fatigue modfiers, so activities such as standing up would have required a dice roll or serious augments. Ern dealt with that in one go with a quick "make less tired" at 8W2 -5 +7 + assorted other virtues for around W3 total.
We'll see how she does in the second part, which is going to turn out to be harder work than she anticipated.

"Ignore exhaustion" at about 15W?
"Over-confident" - Gavain suggests this is actually her "brilliant inspiration"

This is how John Hughes pictures her:

There's also an excellent picture of her surrendering to Fazzur in 1613 coming out in the new kickstarter Guide.
I think we can assume, though, that the sword she's wearing there and is about to hand over is something plain, boring, and normal that she doesn't mind losing.


Special Items: Iron scale armour and shield ^7, spear ^3, sword ^3, javelins ^3, Starbrow 1W2
Chain of Sartar
On loan from Dernu - she used to hold it herself before she became leader.
"what might have been a delicate, intricately made necklace, if it hadn't been made of iron rather than gold or silver"
I now see it as seven intertwined chains.
Unenchanted iron scale.
Sartar's Torc
Not in evidence, but she's got it
Kheldon tribal torc
Not in evidence, but she's got it
As used by Tarkalor, and as such, looks a bit big for her
Vanganthi throwing "swords"
One strapped to each thigh, as per the Vinga pic.

Combat stats
CC 5W2 sword, 10W2 spear (assume spear)
Equipment +6 (iron armour) +2(iron helm), +2 (small iron shield) so +10, and spear +3
Warrior keyword 7W (what abilities?) +3
Courage 15W2 +6
Resilient 10W2 +5
Loyal to Storms 5W3 +7 - assuming they're present
Vinga initiate 15W may trigger various "protect the..." at +4
Magic (remember to subtract -10 for iron)
Combat Vinga 15W (Spear Help at least) or Rigsdal 4W2 (fight uz, fight chaos...) -> 5W or 14W +3
Movement 15W -> 5W +3
Vigilance 4W2 -> 14W +3
Night watchman 7W2 (resist doubts, resist temptation...) -> 17W +4
14W4 plus "protect the..." and "loyal to..." if any beyond O&I
+9 from Insterid if not separate, 1W5


Has a 21-yo daughter - mid-forties
Loyal to Kallyr 10W3 +7
Heortling warrior 5W2
Initiate of Destor 15W
CC 8W2
RC 5W2
Combat Destor initiate 15W Aid throw with wind, armour of woad, enchant silver ritual, flickering blade, leaping shield, overbear foe, sword help Thunder Rebels p223
Movement Destor initiate 15W Burst of speed, leap over obstacle, run on mud, run up cliffs, sunset leap, Find a way, lift object with winds Thunder Rebels p223
Wind Destor initiate 15W Call clouds, call wind, drive away clouds, hear words on the wind, summon umbroli (but from errata, that's Command Umbroli) Thunder Rebels p223
Virtues: Brave, Generous, Honorable, Just, Pious, Wise Curious, Wanderlust
Physical Abilities: Close Combat ([Weapon] Fighting), Dodge Attack, Jump.
Mental Abilities: Boast, Brew Woad, Mythology of Orlanth, Mythology of the Thunder Brothers, Sense Change in Weather.
Virtues: Active, Proud, Responsible.
Equipment: Enchanted leather armor and shield ^6, spear ^3, iron sword ^5, javelins ^3.

Combat stats when protecting Kallyr
CC 8W2
3 affinities at 15W +4 each so +12
Loyal to Kallyr 10W3 +7
Warrior keyword: brave, recognise foe, dodge Attack 3 * 5W2 +5 so +15
Equipment +11
Augments from Kallyr +3 lead tribe, +6 brilliant inspiration

age: was 16 in 1611, so now 26
Loyal to Kallyr 10W3 +7
"I took an oath to keep you safe, and I intend to keep it."
"I know... I just wish you took as much notice of the one to do what I tell you."

Heortling warrior 4W2
Initiate of Vinga 12W
CC 7W2
Combat Vinga Avenger initiate 12W Deadly Spear Throw, Fight against Rapist, Fight against Uz, Leaping Shield, Mile Javelin Throw, Spear Help Storm Tribe p174
Movement Vinga Avenger initiate 12W Burst of Speed, Dodge Missiles, Leap over Water, Run on Treetop, Run upon Snow Storm Tribe p174
Inspire non-combatants Vinga Avenger initiate 12W Follow Me, Last Ditch Effort, Now I'm Angry, Surprise yourself, There is always a way Storm Tribe p177
Virtues: Brave, Generous, Honorable, Just, Pious, Wise
Physical Abilities:Close Combat (Spear Fighting), Fyrd Combat, Jump, Ranged Combat (Javelin), Running
Mental Abilities: Boast, Mythology of Vinga, Mythology of the Thunder Brothers, Sense Change in Weather, Track, Wilderness Survival
Virtues: Active, Proud, Responsible, Loyal, protect children
Equipment: Bronze scale and shield ^5, spear ^3, sword ^3, javelins ^3.

Combat stats when protecting Kallyr
CC 7W2
2 affinities at 12W +3 each so +6 - "Inspire non-combatants" works on other people, not herself.
Loyal to Kallyr 10W3 +7
Warrior keyword: brave, recognise foe, dodge Attack 3 * 4W2 +4 so +12
Equipment +8
Augments from Kallyr +3 lead tribe, +6 brilliant inspiration
9W4 or +9 to Kallyr

age: Mid-forties.
Loyal to Kallyr 5W3 +7
Initiate of Enferalda 8W2
RC (bow) 15
CC (cleaver) 12
Worth noticing that her magic is stronger than Kallyr's
Heal people Enferelda initiate 8W2 Cure disease, diminish injury, ease pain, prevent dying, remove hurt, Make less tired Thunder Rebels p193
Heal relationships Enferelda initiate 8W2 boost confidence, kiss and make up, prevent anger, reach consensus, sting pride, stop argument Thunder Rebels p193
Endurance Enferelda initiate 8W2 Bear heavy burden, go without food, ignore pain, go without sleep, remain standing, survive battle Thunder Rebels p193
Physical Abilities: Splint and Bandage. Strong.
Mental Abilities: First Aid, Find Pure Water, Make Healing Broth, Mythology of Ernalda, Recognize Illness. Encourage Others.
Virtues: Nurturing, Proud, Seek Peace, Dedicated, Empathetic, Enduring

"a small woman in green healer's robes"
Irnar's opinion:
"When someone tells you that she is the only person to keep Kallyr under control you try and remember her. Anyway, all those warrior types around Kallyr aren’t interesting to me. She is much more appealing. No not in that way. But I would hazard a guess that she could be more powerful than all the warriors combined."
She doesn't look dangerous, or forceful, and shows no tendency to control anyone: if anything, you feel more comfortable and safe around her than around most other people.

Addition: common magic "clean clothes".

"And of course, Yinkin came, for he had helped Orlanth during his exile."
So he's around, but no evidence of him as yet. He's loaned Kallyr the Chain back for her work on the camp defences.

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