Illig Stargazer

GM note - at player request, I'm keeping his family background and certain related Relationships secret for now. I'll protect the page they're in, or something...

Guy, on a fully-populated Legion:
The warleader is most likely going to be in the 10W3 - 10W4 range for his tactics, fighting skills, and loyalty to the legion and the god. It would be foolish to assume the legion is ever run by anyone less than a hero. (we should probably be making a lot more of illig). Say 10W2 in his magic? Maybe more, but use that for now. Seledd is 18W.

Dori tells me that in the 12 years he has been her warleader, he has never to her knowledge made a mistake. Ever. Not in anything. (But she may be biased. If Illig did it, it is therefore not a mistake.) She takes it for granted that he always knows what every member of the Legion is doing, even if he's hundreds of miles away at the time. (I suspect she's wrong there.)

That Stargazer ability (can see the battlefield as if from above)- the only place I've heard of anything like it was as a bit of Polaris Divine Magic (yes, RQ). Assume it's a Polaris Feat these days, he presumably got it from a HQ Challenge. It'll act as an augment to his Tactics ability, which is of course extremely high anyway.

WW list inventions
looks like the Legion were the first lot of mercenaries Broyan hired. And we were pretty sure he was using Illig as an advisor on tactics and so on - only an advisor, as most Orlanthi like ambushes and we don't, but everyone knew that Illig was a better tactician and a far more experienced warlord than anyone else there. Also a pretty good politician...

I'd guess he's got several abilities in the W3 range. Which is more than anyone else at WW. And that will include his magic. Wibble....

Then there's that Sword, and if you think the little toys we've got are magical....

On the whole, pissing Illig off to the point that he took the Legion out of Whitewall wasn't the brightest thing Broyan & co. ever did.

Illig is now (1621) about 45. So he was born in 1576. His mother was part of a wealthy family in Aldurchur. His father.... I'm afraid his father was a one-night stand. Well, maybe more than one night. But he didn't claim the child, that's for sure.
In 1592 Illig, aged 16 and extremely idealistic, joined Humakt and severed from his kin, on the grounds that family/bloodline politics apparently caused a lot of dishonour and very little else. And he'd seen a lot of it.
I don't yet know at what point he encountered the Legion, and joined it, and Hereward (but I now think it was shortly after the fall of Boldhome)
In 1602, when Sartar fell and the Legion were the last to flee from the Bat, he'd have been 26
He was already Warleader in 1609 when Dori joined. He'd have been 33 then.
No, I don't know who was the previous Warleader, either, nor what happened to them.

Other bits of background, as said, remain secret for now - not any more! ChronP50 and ChronP51 reveal all.
2019: drat! The "secret" page has been hacked. Ah well, it isn't, not any more. Let me copy over Kallyr's words on the subject:
"His father was Sartarite, and already had four children by his first wife, who had died a few years earlier. Yes, he only paid a brief visit to Tarsh, but he must have kept in touch. Illig was brought up in his mother's clan, but when he became an adult, his father sent for him to come down to Sartar and join his bloodline there: he wasn't all that impressed with his own kids, and wanted to see if Illig was more suitable to take over his position. Unfortunately for him, Illig had initiated to Humakt almost as soon as he became adult, and refused. If Illig had chosen - if he chose now - to join his father's bloodline, he's the youngest son and chosen heir of Terasarin, last-but-one Prince of Sartar. He'd be head of the bloodline, with a much better claim to the throne than anyone else alive - and, incidentally, my uncle."

Minimum stats for the Warleader of a Thousand
The Warleader is the ultimate commander of the battalion. Normally, the Hundred-thanes elect one of their own number to fill the position when a warleader dies or resigns. At this level, his Close Combat is less important than his relationship to the unit. As commander, he should
have a Relationship to [Battalion] and Warband Tactics of 10W2 each. The Warleader has a special squad of initiates or devotees who serve as his bodyguard. On the battlefield, the Standard Bearer and the Horn Blower always attend him.

Illig was at this level by 1609: 12 years ago.

Used in-game
as an augment for the Parus battle
Illig's death affinity (plus sword), and the mob effect. Same as last time, whatever that was. "I'm guessing about +10 from Illig and his sword, +8 from the mob."

The plan for the vampire's lair
And since that was Illig's plan, and he has triple masteries in this sort of thing, it is, by definition, an excellent plan, and will work. If any of us think otherwise, well, we're wrong.

I hope that that would be the case :)

Unless any of us genuinely have multiple masteries in this sort of warfare, how else can we do it?

Trivial descriptive details
Drinks beer with Vastyr
Also drinks tea, I'm told.
Dark, bearded.
Usually speaks quite formally, does not shorten names.
Adrian tells me he's an artist (he sent me a Swords recruitment poster that apparently Illig produced while staying off-screen in the game)
Eyes are black
Always immaculately dressed insignia, but the quality of his equipment tells its own story, as does the way Dori's smile of welcome is accompanied by her giving up her seat to him. Dark hair, dark beard, dark eyes, and a huge dark sword slung across his back.

"Illig's tent, however, is also cool - cooled by a gentle northern breeze that wasn't blowing outside the canvas walls."
and later
"Illig's "command centre" - one of the more intact buildings, and now in the best repair."

Probable abilities
Loyal to Legion say 5W3?
Hereward devotee (head of the cult)
Efrodar initiate
Hide emotion (better than Siggyr's)
Implacable justice say 15W
Long-term planner
Socratic teaching methods
Vengeful 6 (at most)
Whatever that relationship is with Kallyr: about 10W2 total, poor sod.

Newly acquired
God-slayer 6. (Allows him to act as a +1 augment to his own sword)

Either he now has the Secret (he touches you lightly with his Sword, you die) or he has better control over the abilities of The Sword (which does have the Secret, but previously only used it when it wanted to).
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