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Generic Humakti duck

(picking out significant abilities)

Duck (Anaxials p 138) and better stuff here
Boastful 12, nimble 12, small 10
Ranged combat 17, close combat 13
argue 15, cowardly 15, resent leaders 12
and going by the ducks I've "met": touchy, vulgar, playground humour

Warrior 17
Bloodthirsty, brave, boastful
scout, ranged combat, close combat

Humakti 17
sword combat, dagger combat, brave, honourable, recognise lie

And possibly also Hueymakt Deathdwake
Forge Dwead Fighting Farce, Quick In Seeing Victorious Side, Brave Wen It Suits
Feats include:
Honour (Spell It Wight)
Death (Lighten Whooping Great Sword, Shiver of Fear)
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