Healers in the Legion

Benlan Whitehands
Senior Combat Medic for the Legion of the Unbreakable Sword, Healer of Chalana Arroy, and Initiate of Hereward Truewind

Brenna dresses simply in a white linen shift, and carries herself modestly and humbly. Her duties for the healers appear to amount to no more than carrying water from the wells, preparing food and cleaning. Evidently her previous association with Death has not been 'washed away' in the sight of the healers, for she has no part in tending the sick, or even preparing herbs or bandages. She appears pleased to see the company of her old comrades (although obviously disquieted to see the Uz). However, her placidity makes it difficult to initiate any conversation, and she frequently seems distant or slightly confused.
During the conversation Brenna seems distant and not altogether there. Perhaps she is bored and missing life with the Temple, but she doesn't ask about it or any of her old comrades. After some time and gentle questioning Brenna finally opens up a little, and confesses to feeling "confused" and in the "wrong place", but doesn't know what to do about it. She says that Korlmar has said that this feeling will pass.
Brenna's memory appears to be more or less ok - she remembers who people are, where they fought together etc - she's just not very interested in that line of conversation and it is hard to keep her on it...

Friend of Enfrew, met on the Cradle

Attached to Landros. Tarshite.
"The clothes of his young companion are fairly ordinary, if well made and suggest the northern parts of Dragon Pass as her place of origin. The only somewhat out of place item is a traditional Sun County veil covering her face."
"She looks no more than sixteen or so and is dressed in good but simple clothes, now stained and dusty. Her head is covered by the torn remnants of a plain veil revealing thick black hair beneath, unbraided."
"Kaylee trained under Inara in Furthest and is quite skilled."

Humakti, but with a healing charm - the only source of magical healing for those geased not to accept healing from non-Humakti. Trained in first aid by Dori.

Healers from the CA temple in Pavis

(P19 in Pavis map)
P-19 Chalana Arroy Temple (lx). All are welcome in the Healing Hall, Sartarite, Lunar or Praxian, rich or poor; the White Ladies heal all who come. The temple has beds where the ill or wounded may recover. The Healing Hall is well supported by the grateful adventurers who benefit from its services.

from the new Pavis book:
Oreena White
High Priestess of the New Pavis Chalana Arroy Temple, Oreena is the daughter of an Aranwyth thane but now resides in New Pavis. She is disgusted by the violence that plagues her people and renounced all violence when she embraced Chalana Arroy. Oreena is brave but cautious and devoted to her goddess. She often travels to aid others in the River of Cradles. A prominent member of the City Peacer faction, Oreena loves music and flowers and she listens attentively to songs and stories.

Neela (Valensting clan of the Aranwyth tribe, and used to live in the Quail Hills)
Young, pretty and likes Irnar's stories.

Un-named older woman not interested in people just healing them.

Healers from the CA temple in Horn Gate

Opinions on them:
"Those White Ladies were stuck-up bitches anyway", Elendala remarks.
Dori: "Also, think of what the Healers would truly want. They take vows never to injure another being: they would willingly give their lives rather than do so. Yet you would save them by doing harm on their behalf. Would they want that? Their honour has to be considered here, as well as our own."

Korlmar the White
White Healer, leader at Horn Gate.

"A woman renowned for her shrewd, some (from a safe distance) say arrogant, nature, but a woman also possessed of an aura of compassion that subtly disturbs the Humakti."
"...she mutters some holy words and gazes into the third distance for a short time, chewing thoughtfully on a sprig of Hla-oad leaf."
"Hospitality would bid me welcome you under our roof, but the presence of so much Death at a time when we look to Life would displease the gods."

"Your comrades, Enfrew and Aelfwyrd, have been well-tended and received the Goddess' blessing. In this way we honour the old friendship of Chalana Arroy and Humakt, which reflects the truth that as Life serves Death, Death serves Life." This phrase that Korlmar utters is ritually used by healers to invite those Humakti they have helped to offer them service in return for their aid.
She has the right to ask what she will of those healed, but if the request is too much they also have the right to refuse and offer something else in its place.

several white-robed initiates.

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