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Fourth Council aka Five Rune Ring

A heroband described in Masters of Luck and Death pp58-59

Kallyr mentioned them to Abul as people with an interest in creating alliances between different species
"Joseph Greenbeak had some ideas along those lines, years ago - he and some friends wanted to revive the original First Council." She laughs. "And you say we're being ambitious. I wonder if they got anywhere? They had one thing right, anyway - no dragonnewts this time. Uz, Mostali, Aldryami, yes, but no dragonnewts. Abul, if you ever meet anyone from that group - I think they called themselves the Fourth Council - you should talk to them, you've got a lot in common."
She only knows them through Joseph.

To summarise, this is a group that is trying to recreate the Grand Council as it should have been. An inter-species alliance, this time with no dragons. The Inner Circle has a space for each of the five elements, plus one for Harmony, ideally filled by a Gold Wheel Dancer. This is currently empty, due to the GWDs supposedly being extinct. Members should be descendants of Grandfather Mortal.

Headquarters in a small stead in the Division Hills, in Sartar.

Darkness - troll - Kargag Muckeater, dark troll devotee of the Only Old One from the Shadow Plateau. Opposed to Pharoah, allies in Old Earth Alliance in Esrolia
Water - ludoch - from Choralinthor, represented by newtling
Earth - elf - Emarichal Fletchrunner, from Stinking Forest. Bodyguard of 30 archers, many supporters in Stinking Forest and Elder Wilds.
Fire - durulz - Joseph Greenbeak, a shaman of great power (and on the Sartar High Council in 1613)
Air - human - Henka Henksdotter, elderly exiled Tarshite noblewoman, most magically powerful member of the group, allies in Tarsh Exiles and Bush Range bandits.
Harmony - vacant, need a GWD to enhance their magic
Plus a gold dwarf who acts as recorder and has since the Dawn Age

Why on earth a Duck should be in the Fire position is beyond me, as is the idea that they even existed at the time of the First Council.

After the news of the Cradle reached them, they sent agents to Prax to investigate and interrogate witnesses.
Who? I need a new NPC here for Abul to meet.


About 400 members in Dragon Pass and Kethaela.
Elves - 30 plus "many supporters"
Trolls - Shadow Plateau
Mermen - not many, say 20 or so?
Ducks - say 30?
Humans - lots in Esrolia, Tarsh

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