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Derenx the Handsome

Lives at F71, big house adjoining the temple.
Also shares D33 with Jorjar the Quick and Jotarran Longsword.

Sword of Humakt, Warleader of the Pavis Temple.

Dara Happan. Highly skilled combatant that has never (to anyone's knowledge) lost a duel. That's why he's the Warleader of the Pavis Temple. Very pro-lunar and very disdainful of local or sartarite Humakti. Has about ten full time supporters of Lunar and allied origin, all very well trained and equipped. (This faction is secretly funded by the Provincial Government through an old companion of Derenx, a certain Anthippus Anthellus...)

Pavis reprint
Guildmaster of the weaponmasters in town, and teaches one-handed sword and parrying dagger.

thinking about ability ratings for the upcoming contest
i guess the question is how come derenx manages to control the warleader's position & much of the temple, with only 10 supporters.

Dara Happan 10W (ILH 18)
Which does not include:
Arrogant 10W
Prudish 5W
disdainful of women 15W

warrior 4W or so
devotee 3W or so Of a rather strange Lunar/DH sub-cult that sees Humakt as obedient to Yelm.
orate / sweet talk 10W
Relationship to Temple 2W2
Lunar backing 5W2 (+5)
Wealth 5W2 (+5)
Reputation as duellist 10W2 (+5)
Humakti legal precedent 10W (from a follower)

Duellist 5W3 (as well)

Handsome 15W (since he has the nickname)
disdainful of local or sartarite Humakti 10W
Pose effectively 10W
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