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The Coders

Fought against us at the Cradle, and killed Garrath.

Through the mass of fighting burst two men fighting side by side, red cloaks flashing, scattering all before them as though it is a thing of no consequence. One has a missing hand covered with a hook, and a hideously scarred and disfigured appearance. The other is beautiful. They attack Garrath and his thanes directly.

The fighting is awesome. Garrath spins and leaps with Orlanth's feats, but is immediately on the defensive. One by one his companions fall and although the Lunar heroes are slightly wounded, Garrath is quickly fighting alone. The good-looking Lunar strikes hard and fast at Garrath's neck, almost severing his head. He falls, blood spurting on the deck, drenching those nearby. There is a clap of thunder, and a bolt of lightning totally vaporises Garrath's body. All the Lunars and their allies are thrown back by the blast, and left staggering and bewildered as though blinded.

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