Blackbeak the Deathdrake (H Warrior, Obnoxious, Tell Dirty Jokes)

Blackbeak: a Truth-seeking Durulz deathdrake of Hereward’s Legion and the Thunder Ducks. His obnoxious manner is enhanced by an intimidating glare and piercing quack. He is quick, tough, strong. Knows many feats: Lightning Draw, Cut Anything, Kill Flame, and The Wound That Weeps. Grimbeak Deathblade his mentor taught him Walk Between Raindrops and Speak with Ravens (ravens love him). He is friendly with the Lismelder and Zola Fel Riverfolk. He admires Babeester Gor and her axe maidens (identifies with their thirst for revenge), but loves Hrolf. He knows many jokes and riddles – especially dirty ones. Blackbeak is alert and cunning.

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