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=====Benlan Whitehands=====

[[BenlanWhitehands Story about him]]

Senior Combat Medic for the Legion of the Unbreakable Sword, Healer of [[KeyChalanaArroy Chalana Arroy]], and Initiate of Hereward Truewind.
Was at Whitewall, and had been with the Legion long before that.
Seems to be a remarkably good healer of mental problems (and around this lot, good job too).

"Benlan Whitehands is most certainly not Humakti, not in this life..."

The suggestion is that he used to be a warrior, possibly even Humakti, then died, and is now an initiate of Hereward as a hero of Chalana Arroy. I have no idea how that works!
His CA membership is higher than initiate, though.

Latest version of the story:
Benlan was originally Humakt/Hereward. He had a friend (gender and relationship unspecified) who was not Humakti, and who died. A CA devotee who knew both of them offered to attempt resurrection if Benlan would swear to serve CA thereafter. He swore the oath, the attempt was made, and failed. But it wasn't a "pay on results" deal, so he still had to obey the oath. He'd thought it meant being a bodyguard to a CA devotee forever more, or something like that. It turned out that CA had taken it rather more literally. Humakt doesn't normally let his initiates go, but when it's that or break an oath... and the only way out of the cult is to die. So he died, and was "reborn" as a CA initiate, with all deeds from the past (like killing people) wiped clean, and white hair, white hands, etc, as a mark of having been personally touched by CA.
He looks elderly, yes, due to white hair. Whether or not he really is is anyone's guess.

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