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Aelf's sworn enemy
Met on the Cradle
Met again on the Hell Hag Quest - where he was undead! But self-motivated undead, like a zombie but keeping his skills.

Now based in Pavis, in Balastors Barracks at Griffin Gate

Annoyed by Geran's rise to power, but currently not willing to attack him directly.

Knows Geran had Humakti help, therefore beating up Humakti - humans are all the same, so he spotted Vur. His underlings have been keeping an eye (snout?) on Vur's base. When most men left to deal with the Herewardi, the trolls called in all local reinforcements and attacked.

Top underling troll: Kardal Broketooth. Wargang Leader 15W - only he's dead. Headless.
2IC in the Vur attack: un-named, but he got away using Gerak Kag Jumping magic. Wargang Leader 10W
These two are brothers, and the third brother was the one Egil met. Warrior 10W. Injured but escaped.

Suggestion that they meet him for the final time while going after the WindSword
now superfluous, they killed him in the Rubble with Kallyr's support.

Best ability – 17W2
Followers - 18W / 10W (Warrior, Angry)
In combat followers provide 304 AP

Kzgarn is a terrible foe. His most famed ability is his Combat Eating with his enchanted lead teeth, said to have be gained on a heroquest.

Ambush 8W2 + 4 + 3 = 15W2, 35 APs+ followers
Personal Combat – Combat Eating: 19W2 + 18: 17W3, 77AP + Followers (Crushing Blow, Terrifying Aura, Hate Blades, Rage of Hatred, Eat Anything) = 381
Mass Combat - Uz Gang 15W2 + 7: 2W3, 62 AP + Followers = 366AP

Ambush 8W2
Close Combat (Mace & Shield, Maul, Guerrilla, Combat Eating (+10) ) 9W2
Mass Combat (Uz Gang) 15W2
Eat Anything 5W2

Acute Darksense 17W
Command Warriors 19W
Hide 3W2
Ignore Pain 15W
Intimidate Follower 15W
Mythology of Zorak Zoran 18W
Sense Foe 16W
Sneak 1W2
Tough 16W
Warband Tactics 6W2

Angry 17W2
Cruel 6W2
Dominant 5W2
Fearless 17W
Vengeful 15W

Beserker (Break through shield wall, Break Weapon, Crushing Blow, Fight to the Death, Hate Blades) 5W2
Darkness (Command Living Shadow, Hate Light, Stygian Armour, Terrifying Aura) 12W
Hatred (Blood Vengeance, Command Ghost, Command Zombie, Make Ghost ritual, Make Zombie ritual, Rage of Hatred) 19W

Tunnel With Mouth 9W

Accompanied by an Uz Gang of Around 8 Uzko (mob)
Lead Teeth^5

May be attempting to initiate into Black Arkat so as to get more power.

Zombie stats
+8 to strong, Reek of Terror 8w, needs to be hacked to bits to stop. Should have lost all mental skills, but didn't.
Maybe this was from a DI to ZZ?
Much much later, I may know how he got into that state.

Yet suddenly not all is dark, for as the heroes near the cave a monstrous figure leaps down from some craggy hiding place above. His visage is terrible to behold, savaged and broken, sword-torn, spear-rent, and weeping with pus and blood. Maggots perforate his skin, and his eyes are but empty sockets, glowing a dull red. Stagnant corpse-breath violates the heroes' nostrils as he roars, revealing bloodied teeth of enchanted lead. Above all, his hair burns with corpse-fire that throws an erie light on all about him, allowing the heroes to see his true horror, the rape and desecration of Life that he is. As this monster, surely a hero of Zorak Zoran, stretches to his full height, his weapon, gory and foul can be seen; the live body of a human child, pierced with shards of lead, that he wields as a club.

The monster grins, and as he raises his free hand, the corpses of the dead that litter Subere's Dread Path are brought, restlessly, complaining, to their feet. With this horde of the dead behind him, the monster opens his mouth and releases a roar that would strike down a mountain in fear. The sound is Undeath, Madness and Despair combined, and it strikes the heroes full force.

The roar echoes off the walls temporarily fouling Elkozi's Darksense and sending the fear and unnaturalness of undeath like slivers of broken bone into the uz hero's soul. He senses as the floor seems to grow limbs, like a perverted version of life and reach up with gnarled and claw-like hands. Piece by piece they form whole skeletons that join the host behind the slave of the corpse god.

Despite the hideous appearance of the Hell Hag's Guardian, the heroes are not disturbed. Strong in their souls, the fiend's roars and screams cannot penetrate their courage and resolve. It remonstrates for sometime, defying them, but soon slinks away, defeated. The undead it has raised relax and fall back to the ground, and the path is clear to its mistresses' cave.

The grotesque form of the undead demon slinks away in the shadows and the bones of his minions fall clattering to the cave floor. Unbelieving, Elkozi follows the cowardly retreat of Zorak Zoran, and bursts out laughing, shouting taunts after the shambling creature, further shaming it.
Mummies can be created by the cults of Vivamort, Zorak Zoran and Viskar, the Dry Wind of Pent, amongst others, and also by some Shamans and Sorcerers. Mummies retain the magic they had when alive, although they cannot cast Spirit Magic as they have no POW, and they cannot sacrifice for new Divine Magic for the same reason. They are also self-willed and in control of their own actions, so this makes them dangerous adversaries. Mummies are the Captains of the Undead and lead other undead into battle.

Zorak Zoran Mummies are often Death Lords who have decided to stay around after Death and fight Chaos and the enemies of Zorak Zoran in the world. They often guard tombs or temples but can be found leading expeditions into dangerous areas or using their special talents to fight cult enemies. Quite often, Zorak Zoran Mummies are created through the last Divine Intervention of a Death Lord or initiate, but they can be created through HeroQuest.
Close Combat 15W, Dessicated Skin +1, Fanatical 10W, Fearless 15W, Know Myths 10W, Strong 15W, Tough 12W, Devotion to local deity 10W

Distribution: Kethaela, Fonrit, Errinoru

Habitat: Civilised areas

Mummies are free-willed undead created by certain cultures to help guard temples, tombs and other holy sites. The person who will eventually become the mummy must freely give his consent to do so, and, after his death, priests perform a complex ritual that involves the evisceration and preparation of the corpse. The ritual prevents the corpse from decaying, and it remains a desiccated husk, usually wrapped in bandages or cloth. It is only a number of years after the ceremony that the mummy becomes reanimated, ready to defend the holy sites of its religion.

The mummy is much stronger than it was in life; add +10 to Strong and Tough if the person formerly possessed those abilities (or similar ones, at the discretion of the Narrator), to a minimum of 15W. Mummies automatically gain Close Combat 15W if they do not already possess that ability at a higher level. Mummies cannot speak, but will retain most non-verbal abilities that they held in life (as always, the Narrator adjudicates when this does or does not apply). However, any theistic, animist or mystical magical abilities cannot be improved beyond their living levels. Sorcery presents no such problems, although religious restrictions might prohibit its use.

The Narrator should add a number of appropriate abilities to any mummy which must be detailed, based on its former occupation and its particular religion. She should bear in mind that mummies are created from dedicated and skilled individuals, and that they may have had centuries to improve their non-magical skills.

Most mummies would rather be destroyed forever than allow harm to come to the area they protect, and any would-be intruder ignores this fanatical devotion at their peril. Mummies may use any weapons or armour they wish, and some employ relics imbued with theist magical power to help in their role of protecting sacred sites.
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