thinking of stats for the upcoming contest.
i'd say fighting abilities now in the low - mid W2 range. not the warrior he once was. alternatively we could say he has a warrior keyword in the W3 range, but all physical skills are subject to an Aged flaw augment of .. dunno, -10 or something (doesn't quite make sense, as this would mean his Aged ability is 5w...)
one the other hand, he has to have a devotee / high priest ability of W3 or perhaps even higher.
i'd say political abilities in the high W2 - low W3 range, plus canny

he also has 10 followers to back him up, being humakti warriors po'lly rated around 17-5W

if he can get the other pavisites and sartarites to follow him, that gives him a bunch more support - about 30 more warriors. - it is obviously going to be easier for him to call on them than it would be for derenx.

and then there's the support from the herewardi temple.

there is obviously the problem that he will be acting outside the remit of his religious role. jane suggests a -5 mod - i suspect it would be much higher. perhaps -20.

Then again, he is the High Priest, and should really have some sort of say in most religious rituals. Even ones about guarding the place. In fact, I'm rather puzzled about why this one isn't his call in the first place, other than that we needed it that way for the plot :)

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