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====Anthippus Anthellus====

[Derenx's] faction is secretly funded by the Provincial Government through an old companion of Derenx, a certain Anthippus Anthellus...

and he [[SiggyrBackground married Siggyr's cousin]].

[[KeyYanfalTarnils YT]] Devotee
Lunar Heartland noble
CC alone, mainly due to equipment:
formal duel 10W2
fight dirty 10W
back at Tourney Altar he was relying on preparatory magic.

"In it for the glory"
"I'm a slippery bugger who's gonna be a Recurring Villain" 10W2
"stay around long enough to hear Hero's Speech" 10W
obnoxious to women 15W (at least)

===From Chronicle===

**Tourney Altar:**

The leader of the Yanafali appears to be a young man, who wears a finely tailored regimental uniform. Behind him is a nervous looking scribe and a man who has the look of grizzled veterans everywhere. Perhaps fifteen other soldiers are behind them, laughing and pressing to get into the mess.

"Chief Anthippus Anthellus, Three Sky Warrior, bigum Imperium nobilise. These here my warriors, this here my temple - you savvy? Yanafal Tarnils - War God - he say it all mine..."

They, too, come in procession. Count Anthippus leads the way, attended by his lieutenant, Yerus. Behind them come a guard of 16 Yanafali. Anthippus, like Herric, seems Vision-Blessed and filled with power; his eyes burn almost deliriously. Yerus looks grim.

They reach their place before the Humakti. Before Tourney’s Altar.

Anthippus speaks: "You have challenged me, Humakt, and I am here. I claim the rites of combat by your rules, and in this place the God’s shall sit in judgement over our contest." His armour is burnished and glows with magic. His sword burns dull red. His voice is power-full, yet his speech slurs slightly. As he makes the ritual invitations to combat, Dorinda notices that he makes a terrible show of the usual Darra Happan etiquette – without grace, sluggishly.

"I nominate my jurors," says Anthippus. "Yerus, Llandednese, and Prias." The lieutenant and a soldier step forward, and the scribe appears from behind the processional crowd. These three then approach the Altar to stand by Herric’s jurors.
Llandednese the scribe ...

Anthippus performs Yanafal's Charge of the Ram feat.... he curses fluently in Tradetalk..

At the camp several men stand waiting, and it is apparent from their stances that they expect only bad news. Most are servants, but their is also a man in the dress of a healer, and a woman in long robes of rich red cloth. She is bald and beautiful, and ornaments adorn her. She appears to upbraid Anthippus angrily when he nears her. He says a few sharp words and turns away, and she is left with a brief look of loathing on her face that quickly vanishes, to be replaced by a calm disdain.

The lackeys and soldiers fall to breaking up the camp, and packing everything away on mules and zebras. In short order everything is ready, and the party mount up and ride out, heading east. Yerus takes the lead, and the woman slightly behind him. Anthippus, who appears to be brooding heavily, rides alongside his soldiers.
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