the Rose that Feeds on Men
It is in fact a vampire rose, of sorts.

Given to Anerash to test by "Q", as part of his experimentqation with vampirism and similar things. HE didn't know all its properties.

10W2 top abilities seem reasonable.

Its Abilities - Gavain's guess
Blood Sucking 10 W2- curse of blood
Animate Corpse
Otherworld Howl
Vulnerable to Fire? - Please :-) - yes, but! When burnt, it quickly forms seed pods which explode. Scattering seeds. If they land on a body they grow NOW, if not, they lie in wait.... Curse of Fire
Deceptively Beautiful.
Grow Fast 10W2
Large 10W
Sharp thorns 1W
Plus some that are pure vampire: Enthral Mortal sort of works by scent. Smell the flowers, it controls you. 5W
That gas that knocked them out was based on it. Wave a Death rune at it to stop it.
(Dori could do a "clear the air")

"Hide from magic" as an innate ability. 10W

Graylor sized up the giant rose bush, for now that he was closer it was obvious. The plant was a sickly green colour all over, through the
putrid green were shot veins that pulsed with the crimson blood it had drained from its victims. More of the blood coloured flowers that were just beginning to open. The whole plant was writhing, its runners searching for more victims, bright thorns at their tips; a warning, as if any was needed, of its intentions. Steadily it was making its way towards the three Rinliddi that were examining a body.

This variant is not undead. But the Black Rose is!

Can't cross running water.

Can animate the fallen corpses, and they get immune to mundane damage (a bit like zombies, but not undead)
the bloated bodies of the slain Humakti where advancing on the Rinliddi healer. They had no weapons but extending out of their palms were thorned runners from the demon plant, a simple but effective weapon. The men moved awkwardly and were attached to the plant by a long runner. ...Graylor was back in the dance of death and his blades bit deep but to no effect. All he seemed to do was slice pieces of skin off the shambling forms. Yenda was using her Hu magic to sever the thorned whips but no sooner had she broken one than a new one grew out.Vindana called out from where she was looking after Elgan. "They are attached to the main plant. Cut the runners from their backs. That should stop them."
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