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Humakti Myth Fragment - (Part of Humakt’s Great Quest)
==How Humakt got Death Back from Yelm & sent Orlanth to Hell==
//by Guy Jobbins//
... After Humakt had got Death back from Styx there were only two more pieces left. Orlanth had one and the Bright Emperor had the other. Humakt thought it too soon to face Orlanth, for he had lost impatience on his journey, so he decided to face the Emperor first.
However, he did not know where Yelm could be found. People told him the Emperor had fled to the Underworld, but that was a large realm largely unknown to Humakt. However, during his time in the Deeper Darks of Hell, he met and journeyed for a time with a cunning warrior named Elkozi, and while the two had many differences, an unlikely friendship formed. This is all told in the story of How Humakt Beat Zorak Zoran. Humakt thought it likely that Elkozi might know where the Emperor was.
When Humakt found Elkozi the warrior gnashed his teeth. “This Bad King came here and caused much hurt,” he said, and showed Humakt the scars from his battles. “If you will banish him, then I will tell you how to find him.” Humakt said that he did not see how he would banish Yelm but promised to try. Elkozi said that was good enough for him, and showed Humakt the secret of finding Yelm. Humakt thanked him and went on alone to face the Emperor.
This was an easier road that he might have expected, but when he confronted Yelm the Emperor refused to yield Death to him. The Bright Emperor was no longer bright, but stared at the Death God with angry blind eyes.
“I suffer through the mis-deeds of another,” said Yelm. “I will cling to my suffering and curse his people until he crawls to me begging forgiveness.”
Humakt heard the Emperor’s words and understood the demand for justice. He vowed to bring Orlanth before Yelm himself, and offered the Emperor the luxury of his own halls whilst he waited. The Emperor recognised Humakt’s honour and accepted this oath. He removed himself to the Halls of the Dead where he sat as Lord in Humakt’s absence.
Humakt found Orlanth and said, “Your betrayal brought anguish, darkness and chaos in to the world, and you must make reparations for your actions as I have done.” With one blow of his sword he sent Orlanth to the Western Gates.
Orlanth then underwent his terrible Lightbringer quest. Several times Humakt tested his worthiness, such as when he challenged Orlanth’s right to enter Hell. When he faced Yelm in the Halls of the Dead, Humakt was his judge. Finally Yelm accepted Orlanth’s atonement, and Humakt accepted Orlanth’s honour and worthiness to rule, so long as he never allowed Death to be misused again.
Humakti Myth Fragment - (Part of Humakt

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