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Mythology of Humakt
Storm Tribe p87

Humakt is a child of Umath, hence one of Orlanth’s brothers. The Evil Uncles initiated Humakt and the rest of his brothers in an attempt to kill them. They threw Humakt into the Pit of Conflict. Instead of dying, he defeated all of the other combatants, then climbed out of the Pit on a ladder made of their weapons.

In the Storm Tribe Age, Humakt sought his own true power during the mythic era. He went to the Cosmic Mountain and learned how to fight from ancient Kargan Tor, but he was not satisfied with this knowledge. He went to places where no one had been before and discovered his ultimate power. He showed it to another god (now called Havan Vor), who died. When Humakt saw what his power was capable of, he resolved to use it cautiously and wisely. However, Eurmal stole Death for Orlanth, who used it incautiously and unwisely. This released the power called Old Death into the world. It traveled rapidly from hand to hand, and people and deities began to die.

Theft among kin is forbidden, and when Orlanth broke that bond Humakt severed their kinship forever. He set out across the world to recover Death. It had spread everywhere and the world was full of those poor creatures that were its victims, for they had no place to go. Humakt showed Havan Vor the Doorway to the Underworld, then used that knowledge to separate the living from the dead. The latter collected into Humakt’s special place, called the Underworld.

With each victory, Humakt regained more of the Old Death and put it under his control, creating Death. The smaller entities were easy, the moderately powerful ones more difficult, and the great gods the hardest of all, but Humakt never failed. At last, he confronted his greatest foe: his own former brother, who had begun this disaster. Orlanth resisted, insisting upon obedience, but Humakt enforced his own Justice. Humakt was stronger, and so killed Orlanth. Humakt then showed the secret of his honor and justice and let his brother rise again through the Lightbringer’s Quest. Afterwards, Orlanth acknowledged Humakt’s proper place.
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