One day Hu came across Issaries. Issaries was in a foul temper because Eurmal kept coming into his market and stealing goods and upsetting the stalls and stallholders, but because he kept coming in disguise no-one knew who he was until it was too late to stop him. “I am a peaceful person but for him I would beg murder, can you lop of his head for me?”

Hu shook his head and kept his sword sheathed “That is a task I seem unable to complete, but we may be able to come up with something else. I too have a need, I wish sometimes for silence from the witterings of Eurmal but have no way of keeping them out. I have thought of a circle to put him in where no sound can escape. You could also have a circle to let you know if he has entered it. Draw a circle around your market and he would alert your guards should he enter it.”

Hu spoke once more, “Do you not have magics which tell you when you are being tracked? My sole aim is to separate things and can mark where that separation is. I have little power over speech and sound but it the very essence of your nature.”
“Hu, if you teach me to mark the boundary of my market and separate it from that which is not my market I can alter my pathwatch to alert me to intruders within. In return I could you show you how to control sound so it can't cross your boundary?” Issaries smiles “I think a fair trade may have been reached. The power of your magic could be bound into staves which will set up the boundary of market or of the silence. Is it a bargain?”
Hu silently nods his acquiescence.

So Hu carved four wooden rods with runes of watchfulness and communication upon them. When the rods were placed the watchful runes faced outwards, watching the approaches, and the communication runes faced inwards, providing a border for the sounds. Each god imbued the rods with their power.

The following morning Issaries held another market, this time with his magic rods in place. Eurmal played his usual trick but this time the market guards were aware of him as soon as he crossed the boundary and seized him. Then as punishment they beat him with sticks and branded him with hot iron to mark him as a thief. Later he saw Hu and complained bitterly of his treament at the hands of Issaries guards, so long and bitter were his complaints that Hu drew and circle and instructed him to stand inside until he fetched a healer. Hu had blessed silence for the rest of that season.
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