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Stories of Owls and Ravens.

By Adrian (Egil)

While watching the owl Egil remembers a story from his youth that some of the elders used to tell concerning the history of the wars between the owls and the ravens.

"Once Owl and Raven were great friends and together they stood watch upon Humakt's Hall aiding Rigsdal in his task. Owl on his silent wings would go aloft and spy out anyone who approached the hall, when he saw anyone he would fly swiftly back and tell Raven. Raven would then set to cawing loudly until Rigsdal would come to challenge any intruders. Eurmal decided he had need to use Humakt's sword but when he asked to borrow it he was refused so he sought to steal it. However every time he approached the Hall the combined powers of Owl and Raven always alerted Rigsdal to him and the watchman chased him off.

Seeing that he had a problem the trickster hit upon a solution. He disguised himself as Raven and flew to Owl's nest where Owl's 2 young chicks were growing. Grasping 1 in each claw he waited until he saw Owl returning before flying off at great speed with the chicks and hiding them in his home. To Owl it seemed his great friend Raven had stolen his children, he flew as fast as he could to Raven's nest and confronted him. Raven denied any wrong doing and the pair fought until Humakt came to see what disturbed the silence of his Hall. He seperated them and demanded they tell him why they fought. After hearing what Owl had seen and hearing Raven's tale Humakt pronounced that Raven was innocent and some other person had commited the crime. Owl was furious that a god representing the Truth
would side with a liar and declared a blood feud on Humakt and his friend that would last until his lost sons were returned to his nest. Since that day owls have fought against Humakt and ravens."

Egil remembered old Gorlfin Deathsedge who had an owl as a loyal servant, he said that he took an orphaned owl to Owl's nest on the Heroplane. Owl forgave him for the sins of his Lord and offered Gorlfin the owlet as a life-long friend and servant. The forgiveness went only as far as the orphaned owl was concerned, his emnity with Humakt and Raven continued unabated.

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