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Well, I've been thinking about the unintended consequences of wiping out gods ... Trickster

That in particular would, I think, be a very bad idea. Because Trickster is Humakt's Other. I'm sure I explained my vague ideas on this before? When Humakt was going round discarding bits of himself, while searching for bits of Death. What happened to all the bits? They formed Trickster.

He cut off his fertility, his sense of humour, lots of other stuff (at 2am I'm not going to remember the lot!) But he kept things like his courage, his self-control, his ability to endure pain... You can't blame Trickster for not having these things.

Oh, yes, that's the important one - as a Lightbringer, Trickster is Hope. The light in the darkness, the feather floating down. Humakt doesn't get Hope.

Jamal and Dori on the subject after we'd jumped off the Cradle:

"So all we have is despair, but let despair be our impenetrable armour, let us go on without hope, but with determination and vengeance in our hearts. For those who have fallen deserve at least this from us who survived...."

Dori nods. "We go on. What else is there: to sit here until the sands cover us? We have comrades left behind on that Cradle, quite apart from our oaths to defend it. Whether we despair or not is our choice, but we have no choice at all about carrying on.

I have an idea that "innocence" comes into it somewhere, too, odd word though it is to use about Trickster. The ability to take a child-like delight in something without realising the consequences of it.

In fact, Humakt cut off almost all his emotions, didn't he? But retained the ability to control them. About all he kept was Compassion, so Trickster doesn't get that.

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