Humakt meets Yelm

It is well known that Humakt is a master of swords. It is only known by those initiated to the higher mysteries that Humakt was a master of all weapons. After all who could not be when tutored by Kargan Tor. While Humakt was learning from Kargan Tor he constantly tested himself against the other thunder brothers and other martial gods. He was not sure of his own abilities, where his brothers all seemed to have found their place and were sure of their own specialities. This is one of the reasons he always went back to Kargan Tor.

Humakt was still smarting from his latest defeat at the hands of Kargan. He had shot Humakt with arrows. Each one sliced a piece off Humakt and scattered the pieces far and wide. Humakt decided to visit Yelm as he was renowned as the best archer. When Humakt reached Yelm’s hall, Yelm was unimpressed with the warrior saying.

“Why should I waste my precious time, with an inferior caste warrior?”

Humakt, barely retaining his anger, replied “Because, only I can teach you how to handle your puny pig-sticker properly!”

With a bellow of rage Yelm jumped down from his throne, grabbed a long spear from one of his guards and charged at Humakt. Humakt contemptuously swatted aside the thrust of the spear and with the same movement spun close into Yelm and removed his head with a single blow of his sword. When Yelm was properly restored, he looked at Humakt with less contempt and tried to get past his defense, only this time he was more careful. Yelm probed Humakt’s defenses from a distance using the superior reach of the spear to keep his opponent at bay. Yelm pressed the attack once again, but he overreached a lunge and this allowed Humakt to step past the spear point and deliver another finishing blow.

“The problem with that great spear you are using is that as soon as I have got past the point you are defenseless! It’s a fearsome weapon for your legions to use when you have others to protect your sides, but not for single combat.” Humakt told Yelm.

“What you really need is a shield to protect your side, the bigger the better.” Humakt looked round at the shields in Yelm’s hall.

“Try one of these wall shields that your guards are modeling so well. Now if we lengthen the rear strap so that it hooks over your shoulder and loosen the front strap so that your arm passes through. Now you can still hold the spear with both hands and have the whole of your left side protected.”

Yelm was pleased with the advice Humakt gave him and although the new setup was difficult to use at first he soon was seeing the benefits as Humakt was no longer carving so many bits off him and was now mainly landing heavy blows on his shield.

Yelm was so pleased with Humakt’s new style of fighting that he did teach Humakt much about archery and as a parting gift gave him three arrows.

“Take care of these arrows they possess some of my fire and will burn when they are commanded. You will be able to do this only once as the arrow will be consumed by the flames, so don’t hesitate when firing.”

With the knowledge provided by Yelm Humakt avoided the arrows fired by Kargan at their next meeting but was soon demolished by the huge halberd Kargan used shortly afterwards. Now who did he know who knew about large axes. Urox or Babeester Gor? Neither was going to be as easy to deal with as the noble Yelm.
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