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A great Hero called Hereward Truewind founded a great Legion in the Dawn Age. At the Dawn, many people flocked to the banner of the World Council, who promised peace and prosperity. But Hereward took up arms against the World Council, as they threatened the customs and traditions of his people.
The World Council created a new God called Nysalor, who promised to heal the world. Many omens surrounded his birth. He was beautiful and peaceful, and taught harmony and tolerance. Hereward followed Nysalor and learned many things from him and eventually learned that he had to be killed. Hereward pressed his war with renewed fervour.

Hereward met Arkat whilst he was still a Hrestoli Knight, but in the man Hereward saw greatness and potential. Hereward was instrumental in leading Arkat to the way of Humakt. He served his master faithfully as a loyal thane for many battles in the Gbaji War, and even overlooked Arkat's increasingly trollish tendancies.

For needs must when the danger is great. But when Arkat left the way of truth to follow the trollish butcher Zorak Zoran, Hereward abandoned his master and the war in shocked disgust. Hereward was disturbed each time that Arkat did something that everyone knew was forbidden. But his loyalty was so strong that he could not doubt him and followed his Lords actions. When Arkat had them accept the Can't Heal Seal during the First Step Into The Dark he accepted the curse upon his blade without pausing for thought. When Arkat had them exchange their iron blades for lead swords forged in the cold heart of primeval hell he accepted, though he mourned for his lost twin. When Arkat had them learn Black Words to send bad magics against the foe he did so, though he prayed every dawn to the gods for forgiveness.

But when Arkat told them to exchange their teeth for tusks, and lie dead in a birthing cave for a year, he knew the time had come to question his loyalty. He called on Humakt his Lord and Orlanth, the god of his tribe. They sent the sharp wind from the North; Occam's Wind; the wind that cuts most fine; also called the Truth Wind. For one day and one night Hereward drove this wind against the words that Arkat spoke to him. At the end of that time he stood and walked from Arkat's commands and into the wilderness, where he wandered blindly for ten years. It is Herewards greatest shame that he could not see through Arkat's lies from the start. He swore a great oath never to be so deceived again

Hereward had learned Arkat's lesson that Honour Serves The Goal and he taught this in his turn. But after Hereward broke with Arkat he left his people and wandered the world in despair. Everywhere he went he trod in the footsteps of destruction, for the world was overcome with war. He travelled in each direction seeking guidance from renowned men and teachers, but everyone called on him to follow one side or the other. Unable to choose a way he did nothing, and so was forced to watch in agony as everything around him was destroyed. Finally there were no direction left to travel and he retreated inside himself to escape the horror of the world. There he found the truth and returned, re-armed, to lead his people against the enemy. Afterwards Hereward taught that Honour Is The Goal

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