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How Elkozi Beat Zorak Zoran

In Wonderhome almost everything was wonderful - there was plenty of food and no enlo, and everything was dark and pleasant. Elkozi was happy there; except for Dark Hater everything was good. Dark Hater had not always been in Wonderhome, and had not always been strong, but one day he stole a new power that made him mighty. He thought he was almost an Uz! He thought he was almost a female, so powerful he had become! Elkozi didn't like that, and he didn't like Dark Hater.

One day Elkozi was on guard when a foreign god came to Wonderhome. He was strange and ugly, and small and puny. Yet Elkozi saw Purpose and hidden Power in him. The foreigner said Dark Hater had taken part of his power, and he was here to take it back. Elkozi listened to this, and then took him to Mother Darkness' place. Now many of the gods wanted to eat the little morsel Elkozi brought them, for he smelled exotic and it would seem no trouble to. But Elkozi stood up and said, "Mother Darkness, Power Whose Name I Dare Not Say. This morsel is my prisoner, so if anyone should eat him, then that should be me." The other gods grumbled at this, but Mother Darkness ruled in her grandson's favour, so long as Elkozi honoured her and gave her some of the snack.

But Elkozi said, "Mother Darkness, you said that one day an enemy will come that everyone fights, not just Uz. I think this morsel will fight hard against this enemy, so I would rather have him as my slave than eat him." The gods laughed at this, for the foreigner seemed too small to be much use fighting. Dark Hater laughed loudest, because he thought himself the best warrior in Wonderhome. "Elkozi must be little indeed, to value such a little one as a slave," he said. "We don't need scrawlings like this - I will fight the enemy! Let's munch this beetle up."

So Elkozi said, "Dark Hater, you is an idiot. Anyone can see this foreigner could whup you, easy."

How Dark Hater roared! He stomped about and chewed on mountains, and blustered and humphed and raged! And then he said, "Come on then, if you think yer hard enough!"

The foreigner approached Dark Hater bravely and said. "You got what's mine, Dark Hater, and I'm gonna take it back." Then he took out his sword, and with the first stroke he cut all Dark Hater's arms and legs off. With the second blow he took back his stolen power. With the third blow he struck Dark Hater's head so hard he's never recovered from the headache, and has been furious ever since.

How Elkozi was pleased! Now everything was wonderful in Wonderhome!

He said to the morsel, "now I have helped you, you have helped me, and we should call each other friend." He took the foreigner to the edge of Wonderhome and told him he was free. But then Dark Mother came, very angry, and said, "and what of my share of the snack? Do you cheat me Elkozi?"

Elkozi was frightened, for he had thought that Mother Darkness would eat him up instead. But the stranger faced Mother Darkness and said; "I have eaten in your place, if you ate part of me, that would be an equal exchange." Mother Darkness enveloped him, and when she stood back the foreigner still had ugly features, but was left totally dark and handsome.

Afterwards things were much better in Wonderhome, for although Dark Hater now hated Elkozi very much, he was lots less powerful than before.

And that's how Elkozi met Humakt, and they made friends for the first time.
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