Neil Hempenstall <> in Chris Graves' MRQ Aldachur campaign:

....with the death rune on its back? how did donkeys get that i wonder?
Found a vampire in the old ruins? send in your donkey..
You can't tell me Humakt rode a donkey somewhere? maybe donkey was the only animal not to desert Humakt in a specially ferocious fight against Vivamort or his minions...

Greg on the Heroquest-RPG list
Donkey was always a little resentful of working for humans, who tended to over work him. When he protested they hit him with sticks, and commanded, "You will carry anything you are told to carry!" One day he saw Yelm's enemy, who was tired and exhausted from carrying the New Weapon, and he asked, "Will you tell me to carry that?" The enemy did, and donkey bore the weapon to Yelm's court. The burden was heavy, but donkey bore it, and it burned a mark into his back so that everyone will remember this foul deed that as done for petty revenge, and so no one will mind hitting it with a stick.
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