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Arming of Humakt

This is the initial ideas we had on the arming of Humakt. Based heavily on the arming of Orlanth.

Humakt called forth his captains and bade them prepare him for war. First Humakt's greaves were fastened on with black, leather straps. Next round his mighty chest they fastened a thick corselet embroidered with protective runes. His thanes then tied back his hair with the heart string of a dragon slain by Humakt.

Humakt's hauberk, Impenetrable, cunningly wrought of iron by Inginew Redson was then lifted over his head and settled onto his shoulders. A thick belt, called Champion was used to secure it in place. Humakt held out his hands on which were placed his war gauntlets. On his head was placed Truth his helm, which allowed him clear thought and vision even in the midst of battle.

Now Humakt called for his weapons, daggers called Luck and Skill in his belt for a warrior should never be without either luck or skill. He rejected the war bow because there is little honour in killing at a distance. Likewise he rejected his former brother's weapon the spear, because he was no longer of the Storm Tribe. In his hands was placed the great sword that is Death. Finally a warm cloak was placed on his shoulders.

All was ready, he stepped from his stead and called his faithful companions wolf and raven to his side.

Ritual Items
Item Bonus
Greaves/Boots with black, leather straps -
Corselet embroidered with protective runes -
tied back his hair with the heart string of a dragon -
Hauberk, Impenetrable +1
Belt, Champion +1
Gauntlets -
Helmet, Truth +1
Daggers called Luck & Skill +1
Rejects warbow -
Rejects spear -
Sword, called Death +3
Cloak -
Wolf +1
Raven +1
Other items give a cumulative +1 for a total of +10

Extras / Ideas
Discard spears / bows - representing Orlanthi / dishonourable ways to fight

Alternate discard: one per element
Mace - "I am not of the Darkness Tribe. Bear this for me and use it as I command."
Axe or Shield - Earth
Trident, Styx water - Water
Bow or Spear - Light
North Wind - Air
This also shows Humakt as the overall warleader of all the tribes.

Different areas pick armour and equipment appropriate to them. So:
Item 1 is some sort of leg of foot armour - might be boots.
2: I'm not at all sure that the Orlanth text meant "corset". "Corselet", maybe. This is padding to go under the mail shirt, basically. It might be a tunic, or a shirt.
3. Orlanth gets his hair tied back with a ribbon from his wife. Tying your hair back before putting a mail shirt on is a good idea unless you want it ripped out (believe me). We wonder if perhaps Humakt cuts it short with a (named) knife?
6. Gauntlets: may be some other sort of arm/hand protection
Refusing non-sword weapons is optional, but insert as many as you like here.
10. I'm not convinced that it's always a "warm" cloak. In fact, I'm not too sure why the cloak at all, other than our requirement to put the sword in at slot 9 to fit the Herewardi Cohorts :)
Could use a shield here as an alternative.

Link to Hereward
Similar ritual but probably using a shield and not a dagger. Each item is used as regalia for the ten cohorts, in order.

Cohort Item Blessing
I Greaves/Boots Stand Firm
II Corselet Assault Shield Wall
III Hair Thong ?
IV Hauberk Absorb Blow
V Belt Triumphant Charge
VI Gauntlets Crush Foes
VII Helmet Face Horror
VIII Daggers Desparation Stand
IX Windsword To do with the North Wind
X Cloak Pass unseen

Windsword effects should bear some resemblance to the write-up in Balazar. My initial thought had been a straight bonus to any wind-related magic. You realise that you've seen it? Graylor's initiation - that was the sword that killed him.

We now know about the Cloak - it was Vivamort's! And we've got it back.

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