Malan Strongaxe is a warrior and Sword of Humakt Kargan. His clan was destroyed by Lunars before his initiation, and a former uncle took him into his care and raised him in his war-band. Malan learned to help set up the camp, to cook and to forage for food . When his not-uncle died, he left Malan two things, his hell metal axe, taken from a Black Horse soldier and the leather armor made from the hide of his mount. Though Malan hates the Lunars, he does not let this blind his reason. He has learned Trade-speech in his travels.

Heortling 17
Hate Lunars 18

Foot Soldier 17
1handed Axe and shield 14W
Spear and Shield 5W
Sword and Shield 20
Dagger 20
Sword 17
Set up camp 18

Humakt Kargani 17
Craft Weapon 18
Initiate 18
Honor Affinity 19
Death Affinity 3W
Combat Affinity 6W

Herewardi 17

Other Abilities
Forage for food 13
Relationship to Elmeh Saif 13
Relationship to Horn Gate Healers 13
Tradetalk 13
Cook 13
Extend Water Rations feat 14
Fix Hurt feat 15
Stop Bleeding feat 1W
Marching Endurance feat 15

Gifts and Geases
Gifts and Geases Kargan's combat blessing, +5 to Axe skill; remain silent on Freeze Day

Hell Metal Axe (+6)
Black Horse leather armor (+2)
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