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Lokamayadon was a major figure in the Gbaji Wars.

He was an Orlanthi warrior from one of the Dawn Age tribes of the Talastari. He rose to great prominence as a heroquester, notably by his great personal breath (said to be the breath of a previous ancestor of his), commanding a powerful storm ram (that only got stronger under his lead, and racking up impressive victories over nearby clans and tribes.

He led the Orlanthi peoples that continued to support the World Council of Friends after the rebellious Heortlings abandoned the God Project. He was a friend to Nysalor, who he respected and studied under for years. He led the Orlanthi armies that helped to conquer the Heortlings, and was at the Battle of Night and Day, where he was illuminated by the presence and vision of Nysalor destroying Kyger Litor. He was then made a member of the ruling council. Lokamayadon continued his presence and power for years. He became so powerful he replaced worship of Orlanth with worship of himself and/or Tarumath, his "High Wind God." He was present at the Battle of the Verge, as witnessed by many. He engaged the enemy leader there, Vargast Redhand, and was slain. Vargast was then killed by Palangio the Iron Vrok. Without Lokamayadon, the new worship did not last and his people worshipped other deities.

Lokamayadon is remembered by most Orlanthi today as a traitor and curse to the Orlanthi. His example is often held up as an example of hubris and the danger of mistaking oneself for a god. The Heortlings have relentless hatred for him. The Alakorings remember him with less poison, but recognize that he was a failure, as was his god.

Under "what is Chaos?"
Lokamayadon is our greatest enemy and our greatest shame, for he was an Orlanthi who conspired with Gbaji to let chaos into the world. He replaced Orlanth's clean winds with the foul winds of Ragnaglar, and enslaved his own people for personal power. He betrayed his own Ring, and so Orlanth Lightbringer sent Harmast to save us and kill the Mad God once more.

375 the Sunstop
379 The Battle of Night and Day - DH + Loko v. Orlanthi and trolls. KL cursed.
??? Battle of the Verge, Loko defeated
450ish - Arkat defeats Gbaji after 70 years of warfare

Jeff R:
Again, as the author of that unofficial theory, it actually doesn't make sense on its own terms. Arkat became a Humakti *after* rescued
by Harmast and long after the demise of Lokomoko. The main purpose of the severence is to sever Arkat from his Malkioni past - not from
Orlanth and Harmast.

I came up with my theory back when I assumed that Lokomoko was defeated after Harmast's LBQ. Turns out that Lokomoko was defeated
at the Battle of the Verge - same time as Harmast was successfully initiated. That chronology just doesn't work - as a result, Arkat had no need at all to sever himself from Orlanth. He did have a need to sever himself from his old ties and essence-self. And to be able to wield Death on a massive scale.

Later notes on this: Arkat is said to have been Humakti far earlier than Jeff claims. I think this can still work.

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