Legion Structure

The Temple of the Unbreakable Sword is the Legion of Hereward, yet it is also more than simply a fighting unit. It also the temple of Hereward's Herocult, and is in fact an entire community. The Temple is the name used to refer to the whole community, within which the Legion dominates. It is worth noting that at full strength the Temple exceeds the majority of Heortling clans in size, and many towns.
This document refers to the ideal structure of the temple, making reference to the current state of affairs.

The basic division within the temple is that between the Inner Temple, the Legion, and the Administratum.

The Master of the Temple is entitled to the positions of the Warleader of the Legion, High Priest of Hereward’s cult, and Administrator of the Temple, although he may delegate these positions to others. He also governs the Temple Council which is composed of senior members of the Temple.

Pay for Temple members is based on shares, with shares being allocated according to rank and position. Employees of the temple are generally offered a fixed salary, although may sometimes be offered shares.

The ideal
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pre Pavis reorganisation
In Pavis
Split to go to Whitewall
The Cohorts

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