Landros Goldheart

Was a ten-thane in the Second Cohort, just moved to the new Tenth where he commands the 2nd ten.

100 Words

Landros Goldheart is a well-dressed templar from Sun County who saw his wife die in agony. Humakt claimed him at Vuran in Esrolia where he won White Eyes duelling Carandros Hezior, a Scimitar from Carmania who taught him to ride. Landros's charming manners and good looks won him many admirers in Esvular while he faithfully served Lord Graybrow. Aeria offered herself, but he remains chaste and in gratitude was gifted Roaka. He made Ten Thane in Tarsh, but lost his command in disgrace, haunted by his dead wife. At Stone Tree Hill Landros learned Star Lore but left after Rigsdal spoke words of prophecy. Starbright lay hidden in Far Point but Landros freed her, defeating Gnasher and Basher with his new retainers, the soldiers Caerl and Sythar. Inara healed him in Furthest and her apprentice Kaylee followed him home.


Landros is tall and blonde with startling blue eyes. A noble hawk nose overlooks thin lips. He dresses well and takes meticulous care of his gear. He favours lightly coloured garments and usually wears a white cloak over one shoulder. He looks like a Yelmalion and few may realize at first that he is Humakti.


Understand Humakt's reason for his wife's death and her haunting of him.

Sun County Male 17

Sun County from but without the relationships.

Sun County Templar 5w

Humakt Rigsdal Devotee 15W

Legion Ten Thane 6

Anticipate Orders, Bark Orders, Intimidate Civilian, Leadership, Look After the Troops, Tolerate Insubordination, Train Legionaries, Legion Tactics

Initiate of Hereward Truewind 13

Resist Cold, Shield Wall Fighting

Truewind13Improvise feats only: Cleave Deceit, Cutting Wind of Truth, Truth on the Wind, Howling Doomwind

Wyter Blessings
Ashar (Legion)18WRecognise Preparation For Attack, Illuminate Darkness, Unbreakable Weapon
Shadow Veil of the Death Guardian (10th Cohort)18Hide in Shadow, Conceal Nature
Second cohort 10WAssault Shield Wall

Notable Skills 13

Relationships 13



Gifts and Geases

Hu's weapon blessing +10 sword only use a sword
Rigsdal's blessing Sense Enemies skill at 1W Never accept anything except from C.O
Ernalda's Blessing NONE Never seek shelter from a storm
Hereward's Truth +5 to Ignore Distraction Feat Never intentionally Deceive the Dead

Possessions and Gear


Second Ten , Tenth cohort

Followers in his ten

Others in his ten
- Khan
- Yrsga

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