Landros is a former Sun County Templar who lost his wife in a particularly traumatic way soon after their marriage. They had a son, Saranthir who is now raised by Landros's brother Baranteus and his wife Sarma, he'd be about ten now. His despair made him join Humakt in a desperate and half-crazed attempt to understand the reason for her death . He is uncomfortable in his role as a servant of Death and his Lord's demands of him though and retains as much of his old life as a Yelmalion as he can manage.
In his search for understanding he leaves Sun County and travels first to Esrolia to seek out an old Humakt shrine at Vuran, where he devotes and also wins White Eyes, a fine horse, in an contest with the Carmanian scimitar Carandros Hezior who also teaches him to ride. They become friends. Probably first hears of the Legion now while passing through Notchet. He then travels north slowly as a sell-sword, serving different masters such as the Esvulari Lord Graybrow who gifts him with Roaka (an intelligent raven sidekick).
One episode during his stay at Lord Graybrow's keep left him with a powerful enemy. The Earth priestess Aeria fell in love with him and in complete disregard of her local temple and the fact that he was Humakti sought him for a fertility ritual. She is rebuffed rather bluntly by a surprised and slightly shocked Landros as well as cencored by her temple. The incident prompts him to finish his journey to Tarsh where he joins a Legion and makes ten-thane. It is also now that he first meets Inara the beautiful prostitute turned healer. During one battle his ten is separated from the rest of the force and faces a strange magician or shaman who somehow uses the ghost or memory of his dead wife against him. This demoralizes him so much that he is unable to act while his men are slaughtered. He is demoted and punished but is later granted permission to make a pilgimmage to a holy site in Balazar he had heard of, a little known shrine erected by one of Balazar's own followers. His wife keeps appearing to him after that first time, sometimes to warn him, sometimes distracting him and he is tormented by this. He doesn't know if she is a ghost or some other sort of spirit and terrified of the truth of this. No one else has seen her. And yet, she still manages to bring him joy and comfort and she often comes to him in the night, sometimes to ask for news of their son.
He eventually finds the Balazar shrine Stone Tree Hill where he studies Star Lore and joins Rigsdal who speaks words of prophecy to him about the Unbreakable Sword. Not understanding the prophecy at first, he travels to Far Point seeking a rumour of a sword sacred to Rigsdal, the Starbright blade, said to have powers over Night. The sword was last wielded by the Rigsdal devotee Yirka the Traitor, who abandoned true death for the Bent One, Yanafal Tarnils. As the story goes, she loved Starbright passionately (some say the love was returned and the sword spoke to her) but on becoming a scimitar she feared to use it lest it break in her hands. So she sent her young follower to return it to her old Humakti Ten Thane, Ralv One Ear, but the boy never made it and the sword was lost. A few years ago it turned up in the possession of a clan of Uz lead by the twins Gnasher and Basher, rumoured to be Arkati.
In Far Point he approaches a few shrines and in spite of his reputation, gains enough support to stage an assault on the Uz to recover the sword. He is severely wounded, but his followers Caerl and Sythar take him to Aldachur where Inara's former apprentice Kaylee saves his life.
During his fevered dreams, Rigsdal prompts him to seek the Unbreakable Sword in the Sun Dome with an implied promise of explanations.
He quickly sets out for his old home, now also accompanied by Kaylee (who has taken a shine to the tragic hero).

The Goldheart family is old in Sun County and has held many important positions in the past. Landros is in some ways the ideal Yelmalion, tall, blond with brilliantly blue eyes and a certain aura of command. His conversion to Humakt was not only a shock to his family but a blow to their political aspirations. His father, a senior member of the priesthood had expected Landros to rise rapidly in the military hierarchy. It was with very poor relations to his old family that he left Sun County after his wife's death and recent conversion. He is also feeling guilty of leaving his son and has very mixed feelings of leaving his with this stuffy brother and cowed sister in-law. Baranteus is now the heir and feels he has to be everything Landros failed be, a burden he is not happy with.

Other Notes

Rough Timeline of Events

1585 Born in Sun County
1600 Initiated to Yelmalio, Militia (the Fishermen)
1605 Joined the Templars and met Saria
1607 Half-file leader
1610 File-leader
1611 Marries Saria
1612 Saranthir is born, Saria killed, leaves Sun County for Pavis, Initiates to Humakt
1613 Esrolia, Vuran. Wins White-Eyes in contest with Carandros Hezior
1614 Devotes to Humakt, passes through Notchet to Esvular and Lord Graybow
1615 Aerna the Earth Priestess confesses her love, but is refused.
1616 Leaves with Roaka for Tarsh. Joins a Legion, and meets Inara in Furthest.
1617 Made Ten-Thane.
1618 Saria appears mid-battle. Disgraced. Journeys to Stone Tree Hill.
1620 Far Point, fights Uz, finds Starbright, Wounded in Aldachur.
1621 Returns to Sun County following Rigsdal's dream
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