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Proposed structure after Pavis reorganisation

Master of the Temple: Illig Stargazer
Standard Bearer: Uljar Breaknose
Legion Champion: Yorsar Hard-to-Kill
Piper: Fynn

Inner Temple

Master of Ceremonies: ?
Master of Robes: ?
Master of Rolls: ?


Quartermaster: Egil Nine-wounds
Master of Arms: ?
Master of Horse: ?
Head of the Infirmary: BenlanWhitehands


2 Cohorts

II Cohort (Vanguard)

Hundred-Thane: Seledd Brightspear - Wolf
Bodyguards: ?
Scribe: ? Scribe died in the Lunar ambush before reaching Pavis
Servant: ?

First Ten: ?
Legionaries: 7 + Branak (dislikes Lunars)

Second Ten: ?
Legionaries: 8

Third Ten: Enfrew
Legionaries: 6
Auxilla: Janeera

VII Cohort

Hundred-thane: Yodi Leg-Breaker. Also holds the rank of Raven (intelligence and scouting).
Bodyguards: ?
Scribe: ?
Servant: ?

Yodi was physically incapacitated by injury, and recovered in Pavis, attended by Brenna. Various ten-thanes took over sections of his duties. Since then, he has spent most of his time with the Jalmari, and is well on the way to becoming an initiate of Jalmar and quite possibly a Knight shortly afterward. At present he is a teacher and mentor to his "substitutes", none of whom have yet been confirmed as permanent in those offices.

Tens listed in order of seniority of their ten-thanes, but there is a BIG gap between the First and the others.

Egil has been kicked out, and joined Dori
First Ten: Siggyr Cohort Standard Bearer and acting commander of the cohort
Legionaries: Aelf, Shrev, Fasten-Spear and Hrodar, Yrgsa
Auxilla: Yaren (Trader), Korol

Dori has taken over the intelligence side of the Raven position.
Probable additions: Vesekor and followers.
Second Ten: Dorinda
Legionaries: Oddus, Elendala, Egil, Yenda (Jalmar), Abul
Auxilla: Kristen (B.Gor)
Others: Vindana (sage, Rubble guide), Mauvin, Gerras (come as attachments to Egil), Timmy the Trollkin, Trollkin Number 6 (attachment to Abul)

This is going to be a cavalry unit, if Jamal has anything to do with it.
Third Ten: Jamal (Cavalry Unit)
Legionaries: Elnor, Malan, Abyad bin Taher
Auxilla: Boltar Barrakson (Uroxi), Fufold (Orlanthi). Abul has joined Dori to be trained as a Raven's Eye
Others: Jakkanna

Hrolf commands the Ducks, and has taken over the scouting duties of the Raven position.
Forth Ten: Hrolf
Legionaries: Blackbeak, Vastyr (RWH, Morg Bisonfist, Joran Doubled)
Auxilla: Angus Redfeather (Deathdrakes), Three-Lung Hughie (Deathdrakes), Kalf the Crow (Humakti expatriate Duck bandit with pointy beak), Amund the Low (down-on-his luck Sartari exile almost as tall as a Durulz), Venharl (healer), Gerda Holdfast (apprentice healer from Riverfolk)

Fifth Ten: Graylor
Legionaries: Legionnaries: Santhis (Hereward, Yelmalio)
Auxilla: Irnar (Alusar, Yinkin), Elgan (Helamakt, Orlanth), Yarran (Hevduran, Lankor Mhy)
Waiting initiation: Hilord (Humakt), Bofrost (Humakt) and Olend (Humakt)

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