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The Legion

The Legion is organised in a strict hierarchy, with a few novel positions. At the top is the Warleader who commands the centurions at the head of each Cohort. The Warleader is always a Devotee of Hereward. It has been known, in the Temple’s distant past, for a Master of the Temple to acknowledge a new Warleader, and retire from active command of the Legion for deeper involvement in the Temple, or to embark on a lengthy Heroquest. It is not usual for a Master to act in this way, although the precedent exists. The Warleader is attended by a file of devotees, lead by the Standard Bearer and the Piper.

The ten Hundred-Thanes sit on the Temple’s Council. The most senior Hundred Thane is titled the Wolf, and commands the Vanguard. The Wolf is traditionally responsible for discipline. Another Hundred Thane position is that of the Raven, who is responsible for handling intelligence and scouting. This is usually given to a junior or middle ranking officer. Hundred Thanes are always initiates of Hereward and devotees of a warrior cult, most usually Humakt. Devotees of Hereward are preferred, though devotees of Efrodar are also desired. Hundred Thanes are attended by a Shieldman and a Swordman, a servant and a secretary.

Below the Hundred-Thanes are Ten Thanes, the most senior of which is the Legion’s Standard Bearer, who commands the Warleader’s personal guard and is entitled to a position on the Temple Council. The Standard Bearer is always a devotee of Hereward, whilst Ten Thanes are required to be initiates of Hereward and most usually a warrior cult, usually Humakt, although Devotion is usually a good path to promotion to Ten Thane. The most senior Ten Thane in a Cohort is the Cohort Standard Bearer, and is responsible for discipline within his Cohort. Other significant ranks are Pipers and Drummers, Medics and Armourers, and the Legionaries who form the Legion’s backbone. All are required to be initiates of Hereward. The position of Champion is usually accorded on merit to the Legionary or Ten Thane who is figured most sword-skilled and supernaturally powerful. Most often he is not hard to spot.
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