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At present the Warleader commands two Hundred Thanes and five Ten-Thanes, including the Standard Bearer. There are perhaps forty initiates of Hereward, 35 of whom are capable of fighting.

Master of the Temple: Illig Stargazer
Standard Bearer: Uljar Breaknose
Legion Champion: Yorsar Hard-to-Kill

Inner Temple
Master of Ceremonies: ?
Master of Robes: ?
Master of Rolls: ?


II Cohort
Wolf: Seledd Brightspear
Two ten-thanes, unknown number of plebs (at least 4)
Scribe died in the Lunar ambush before reaching Pavis.
Branak - doesn't like Lunars
Landros (Kaylee, Roark, Caerl, Sythar)

VII Cohort
Raven: Yodi Leg-Breaker
Senior ten-thane: Siggyr
(followers: Shrev, Fasten-Spear and Hrodar, Wyredd)
Aelf (Korol, Yrgsa)

Ten-thane - Dori, acting Raven (intel)
Kristen, Vindana, Elnor, Oddus, Elendala
Graylor, Irnar, Elgan, Yenda, Santhis
Egil, Abul

Ten-thane - Jamal (cavalry)
Boltar Barrakson, Fufold

Ten-thane - Hrolf, acting Raven (scouts)
(Blackbeak, Angus Redfeather, Three-Lung Hughie)
Vastyr (RWH, Morg Bisonfist, Joran Doubled)

Unknown for now:
Enfrew (Janeera)
Fynn (Piper? Spy, away spying?)

Quartermaster: Egil Nine-wounds
Master of Arms: ?
Master of Horse: ?
Head of the Infirmary: BenlanWhitehands (Brenna)

Some of these positions will be empty. some will be filled by inappropriate people, possibly on an adhoc basis. Some rejigging may be necessary on the next holy day. The five non-combatants may be recently or anciently injured, and filling some of these positions.
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