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The Cohorts

No.Wyter Blessing (Name)LostRegalia
I Mirin's Cross, regained by HQ, then lost again at Grizzly PeakBoots, Greaves some sort of leg protection.
II Assault Shield Wall 10W The Vanguard: Commanded by Seledd BrightspearShirt, tunic, something like that. Must have lasted well, for fabric!
III 1619, WhitewallThong to hold hair back or a knife to cut hair. In Hell, with a lot of Shargashi
IV Lost? In 1323 third quest to recover the regalia failedMail shirt
V 1595, Talastar. Temple wyter says not lost?Belt or buckle
VI in the wastes during the 870's in an attempt to find the Oasis of ZehruaGloves, gauntlets, vambrace: something like that
VIIFace Horror 6W (Braveheart)Commanded by Yodi Leg-breakerHelmet
VIII EsroliaDaggers or shield
IXSomething to do with the North WindJourneyed from Loskalm to Prax with the Jrusteli. Many years later a solitary survivor reached the Temple to relate how the Cohort, employed to defend Robcradle, had turned on the city after being ordered to murder children and had been destroyedTaken by Giants? Probably the Windsword, which may be Hereward's own original sword
XHide in Shadow 18
Conceal Nature 18
The Scouts: Battle of Dancing Sisters 1490: hundred-thane revealed as vampire, destroyed his own cohort and fled, becoming a minor god called Oilamley.
1621 Illig killed Oilamley and Dori made hundred-thane
Shadow Veil of the Death Guardian

Regalia are all items of Hereward's personal equipment, in order from the Arming of Humakt myth. Each cohort also has a Standard, whcih is much more visible as a rallying point (hard to follow a pair of gloves in battle).

Recent history of the Third

Siggyr joined it in 1611, and his first Ten-thane was Egil Nine-Wounds, now the Temple Quartermaster.
Egil was injured in 1612(?), Broyan Iron-balls took his place as Ten-thane for 1613, died there.
The other ten-thane in 1613 was called Oddi, also died there.
1613, Siggyr got made Ten-thane (age 19)
In 1613, Olaf was the Hundred-thane, but he died later as a result of a runaway pig in Jonstown that "left nothing but a bloody smear". Still alive in 1616.

Siggyr was transferred out in 1617.

1619, Whitewall, entire Hundred lost to Shargashi.

Notes, comments, discrepancies

We have a note that the 7th and 10th were lost in the Dragonkill?
[guy] yes the original standards of the 7th & 10th were lost in the dragonkill & subsequent heroquests recovered them. [/guy]
So whatever they are, they're not all that flammable :)

you have the regalia as being held by the centurions - is this always the case? i thought the VII cohort standard embodied that wyter...
I was assuming that as a general rule, the centurions would either hold the regalia themselves, or have someone right next to them holding it for them (depending on what it is). This needn't be a hard & fast rule, of course. If the wyter's in a sword, they probably wield it (well, if they're sword-using). If it's in a pet lobster, they may delegate :)

Quick swap of numbers - we had the Fourth being lost at Whitewall, but according to Siggyr's backstory, it was the Third.
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