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The Auxila

Being a fighting unit of relatively obscure cult, the Legion has an old tradition of the Auxila. The Auxila is composed of fighting men, whether from Humakti or other warrior cults, who are not initiated to Hereward. It is used to accommodate those trying for entry into the legion, for mercenaries temporarily engaged to support the legion, such as missile troops, and for warrior followers of cult members, such as bodyguards and the like. A senior Ten Thane of the Legion, most likely one who is considered a candidate for promotion to full Hundred Thane, is usually given command of the Auxila, the title of Captain, and rank of Hundred Thane.

At times the Auxila may muster on the field under the command of its Captain. At other times the Captain’s position is notional, and the members of the Auxila remain to fight with their masters (if followers), or in the ranks (if trying for entry to the Legion). The Auxila has often functioned as a Rearguard, defending the Administratum whilst the Legion goes to the field. All in all this makes the Auxila a difficult and tedious job for its Captain, although he is entitled to a position on the Temple Council.
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