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The Administratum

The Administratum is lead by the Master of the Temple, although he may appoint an Administrator in his stead should he choose. The Administrator must be at least an initiate of Hereward.

The Administratum is composed of a number of different functions, all headed by an office bearer who must be at least an initiate of Hereward, and who is entitled to sit on the Temple Council. In fact, it is common for Legionaries no longer able to fight to hold these positions, although Hereward devotees from the senior Ten Thanes are also common. Those that are employed within these functions, such as healers, smiths and the like, need not be initiates of Hereward, yet are bound to service of the cult through severe oaths.


The Master of Quarters is responsible for all the logistics required to support the temple. Lodgings, supplies of food and goods, pay, the storage of non-magical treasures and division of spoils are all amongst his duties. He also is responsible for the Temple’s money chests. His full staff would include secretaries (including those of the Hundred Thanes), clerks, merchants, muleteers, servants, and so on.


The Master of Arms is responsible for maintaining the weapons and armour of the Legion. In practise this means making sure that The Legion’s initiates of Inginew Redson are kept supplied with the materials they need, which he orders from the Master of Quarters, and maintaining the Temple’s forge. The Master of Arms also has important ceremonial roles, and is responsible for organising the Trial by Combat of aspirants to the Temple. His staff would include any non-Herewardi smiths employed by the Temple.


The Master of Horse is an ancient position, harking back to the days when the Legion boasted several Centuries of cavalry. In current times it is a largely ceremonial position, although the Master of Horse is still responsible for the stabling of all the animals under the Temple’s care, and therefore for stable boys and other similar servants.


The Head of the Infirmary is responsible for the training of Legionaries in first aid, the treatment of the wounded, the supervision and retaining of healers, and tending to their cult requirements. It has been known for the requirement of initiation to Hereward to be waived for particularly notable non-cult healers, as was the case for Aeren Whitehands in the last century. The Infirmary is particularly associated with the Chalana Arroy subcult of Arroin.

In times past there were several other functions, long since fallen into disuse although the protocols are still known. These include Master of the Walls, who was responsible for the maintenance of defences when the Legion was fighting in castles in the far West, and Master of the Library, who was responsible for the various historians, geographers and so on who were periodically attached to the Temple.
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