and WTF happened?

As part of a discussion of geases, and those against ambushing in particular:

What happened at Whitewall was probably on the limits, so let me explain exactly what happened. Egil and Abul were present for this, Graylor will have found out about it in the short time he's been with the Legion.

Much of the fighting around Whitewall wasn't inside the walls at all, it was out in the open, trying to control supply routes. Kallyr was usually the one coordinating the various warbands and so on doing this (trying to stop them from fighting each other was at least half the job). When we say "open", it's a mountainous area, with gulleys, cliffs, rivers and so on, not at all "flat plain, cavalry will charge".

On this occasion, the Legion were to be positioned in a nice defensive block in a gulley/valley that a Lunar unit was known to be about to go through. The Lunars could approach, see Legion, see no way round, and either fight or retreat.

Things started to go wrong from the Legion's POV when thick fog came down. Then Illig found that his "stargazer" magic, the feat he'd won from a Polaris-worshipping Lunar a while back that lets him see the battlefield as if from above, wasn't working. The Lunars didn't arrive in good order, see, stop, and look, they arrived fleeing from the Orlanthi warband that were chasing them into the trap, not even visible to the Legion. until they were already in sword range. The Lunars were slaughtered, of course, in this hammer/anvil setup, but the Legion had their Ambush geases triggered, and were very unhappy about the whole thing. They were even less happy when they were told that the fog had been magically called up for just this purpose, and when Illig caught on to "Polaris = Rigsdal", and realised just who had been deliberately blocking his magic and why, that was too much.

Dori's description of this is near the bottom of this Chronicle ChronP32
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