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Legion History

Third Age

Forty years after the Dragonkill, a hero called Gerfan Razorback reunited the remaining 5 cohorts of the Legion and refounded the Temple of Hereward. He led the Temple for 45 years in the west for Jorstland against Uz foes, and after his death the cohorts returned to serve Carmania. During this time they enjoyed enough wealth and power to heroquest and recover the regalia of the 7th and the 10th Cohorts. In 1323 third quest to recover the 3rd cohort's regalia failed, but instead they rediscovered the inner nature of Hereward's cult. The Temple promptly abandoned Carmania and allied with the forces of Teelo Estara, the one who would become known as the Red Goddess.

Teelo Estara was the champion of the Rinliddi people, who had suffered under the yoke of Carmanian tyranny. The Herewardi Temple supported her rebellion as it saw the justness of her struggle, and its leaders were impressed by the vision of her goal. They fought for her against invaders at the battles of Eleiu Hararn and Seven Horses, and against the Carmanians at the First Battle of Chaos. After the First Battle of Chaos, the Temple faced a schism which the Master Trethelu Blackwing partially overcame by encouraging the study of Sedenyic philosophy amongst the Masters of the Temple. The Legion went on to take part in the defeat of the Carmanian Empire at the Battles of Carantes and Dolebury.

It was at the Battle of Castle Blue (1245) that the Temple permanently parted ways with the burgeoning Lunar Empire. What exactly happened is unknown, but the Masters of the Temple were destroyed, and the Legion members found themselves fighting the Red Goddess alongside their own Gods.

The survivors of the Temple returned to Carmania, where they fought the Bloodkings war against the Lunar Empire. Here they began a 350 year campaign on the losing side of various wars against the Empire, the greatest Tyranny in Glorantha. Early in this period (early 1300s) VIII Cohort was lost to unknown reasons in Esrolia. The remainder of the Temple fought at every major engagement against the Lunars from Sylila to Esrolia. The regalia of the I Cohort was lost at Mirin's Cross but subsequently regained.

How the Tenth was lost at Dancing Sisters in 1490:
"The wyter of the Tenth was, as Dorinda says, Hereward's Cloak. Quite how Hereward obtained the cloak Humakt took from Vivamort is not relevant here, but that is what it was, with the powers you might expect as a result. Hereward never used most of them. We only used the powers of concealment, and those with caution. There is always the question of when concealment becomes either ambush or deception, and when either of these becomes dishonour. Fedarkor Cairn-breaker, the last Hundred-thane of that cohort, went past that point, though he no doubt thought his reasons were good when he used the Cloak to deceive the rest of the Legion. What he sought to hide was the fact that in an earlier combat with a vampire, he had lost: he had been bitten, and infected. As far as is known, he had never harmed any of his comrades as a result, but his deception was revealed when a Yelmalian force attacked him with Sun magic. His nature became clear, and, forced into using all his powers for immediate survival, he destroyed most of his own cohort before fleeing, taking the wyter with him. It seems likely that the proximity of his vampiric powers to its own had interacted in some way. Now, perhaps, we know what he became." (Eventually, a Hero of Vivamort and then rebel against Vivamort, called Oilamley.)

1582: I Cohort lost at Grizzly Peak.

The V Cohort went to fight in Talastar in 1595 and did not return from it, although the Temple Wyter refuses to acknowledge the V Cohort as lost.

The Legion probably fought against the Lunar invasion of Sartar and the Far Place in 1602. I suspect they went along with the Household of Death and the Aldichuri army, in that counterattack on Tarsh that met the Bat.

Illig became Warlord shortly after 1602.
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